10 Qualities the Perfect Business Team Has

The longer you run a business, the more you realize that it’s an art. Not everyone is cut out to be a CEO, and if you find yourself in that position, it means that you’ve definitely earned it along the way. But a CEO is only as successful as their team is. Without a good team, you can’t achieve the goals you have for your business. Finding quality people to hire is difficult, but there are some traits that can help you weed out the crazies. Here are qualities you should look for in a person to create the perfect team for your business.


Thinking Alike

A team is a team because its members share a common goal. You can’t expect someone to love your business as much as you do when they’re first hired, but they should still enjoy the work they’ve been hired for. Over time, you should see that they want the best for the company and aren’t afraid to put in the work to get there. Having a team that thinks like you and shares your passion for your work is the best way to stay on the same page of productivity and success.

Working Hard

If someone isn’t ready to work, why would you hire them? It’s difficult to gauge how hardworking someone is by interviewing them, but you can tell within a few weeks if that person is serious about the job. Try to hire employees who aren’t afraid to dig deep and think outside the box to get the job done. Employees who don’t like going above and beyond are going to leave that for you to do. If everyone is hardworking and passionate about their jobs, your business is likely to run smoother.


Speaking of hardworking, it doesn’t matter how hardworking someone is if they’re not dependable. Sometimes, you just need to be able to fall back on a few people in your team. You know that they’re going to pick up where you left off in case of an emergency, and they don’t do it for brownie points, either. The more you can depend on your team to work hard while you’re not looking, the more likely it is that they can thrive at their own pace. No one likes a nitpicking boss, and employees who show that they’re dependable decrease the likelihood of working with one.

Eager to Grow

Having a group of hardworking individuals is a CEO’s dream, but that’s not the only thing that’s important. Your team members should have a plan and should be actively seeking out opportunities for growth. Whether that’s in the form of training or thinking ahead in terms of weekly and monthly goals, a team that loves to grow is a team that’s going to grow. Surround yourself with people don’t want to remain successful if it means staying stagnant.


This next one is a tricky trait to catch. It’s important to find employees who aren’t just going to say yes to everything that you have to say. You want people who can point out a mistake or make a correction if it means the betterment of the group. People who are too afraid to stand out with a unique idea won’t contribute as much as someone who is. As long as your team can deliver constructive criticism, you’re on the right track.

Love a Challenge

On the topic of criticism, you want to create a team that knows how to handle that. If certain members are too defensive or become agitated when you make a point for their betterment, they may not be a good fit. Working as a team means that they love a challenge and can stick together for both the good times and when the going gets tough.

Creative Thinkers

Another quality that good team members have is that they can think outside of the box. It helps to have a diverse group of people with different backgrounds and life experiences to achieve this. That way, everyone can bring a new outlook to the table. Creativity is important for every business’s growth, and having resourceful and creative team members really puts your business’s best foot forward.


Everyone has different ways that they work best. Some people like to have a hands-off approach, while others enjoy working closely with a group. Regardless of an employee’s preference, you should be able to trust that they can work without you nagging them. Creating a team that’s as focused on work as it is creative helps find a sweet balance for the supervisor. You want to manage and guide, not babysit.


Another big quality that a good team has is that its members are flexible. If your employees can work only under specific circumstances, what’s going to happen in the case of an emergency? It’s important to guide your team on how they can still be productive even when the situation is completely different from what they’re used to. Flexibility increases the chances of success in your absence, and it shows a truly independent and adaptable group of people.


Last but not least, you want to create a team with people who are team players. Everyone has different levels of responsibility they’re comfortable with, but there should still be a mutual understanding of each other. People that build each other up, regardless of where they fall in the chain of “importance,” are the best people for this job. Even if someone is the perfect worker, if they can’t work with their team, they’re not much help to your business. Now that you know, keep these tips in mind when you’re on the hunt for a new team member.


10 Qualities the Perfect Business Team Has

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