10 More Things to Do for Your Career by the Age of 30

Setting solid career goals for yourself while you’re young is one of the best ways to ensure you meet those goals. Experts advise using guidelines to help you reach the step on the ladder you’re striving for can be beneficial. Things such as your online presence to understanding how to sell yourself are critical factors you need to manage while hiking down your career path. Here are 10 more things to do for your career by age 30.

Get Comfortable Giving Feedback

Whether you need to tell your boss that their hourly drop-ins are interfering with your work and killing your team’s vibe or letting your initial direct report know that showing up to meetings on time is, in fact, necessary. Providing feedback is a required part of obtaining what you need and being a happy professional.

Learn How to Say No

Even though it’s just two letters, the word “no” appears to be one of the hardest words for many people to say. However, it’s essential for your career that you learn how to use the word, and know how to stand behind your decision.

Surround Yourself with Those You Can Trust

The greatest asset that you have in your career is always going to be your network. It’s imperative that you build a broad network that’s full of people you can trust with no questions asked. If you are questioning someone within your network, it might be an indicator that they shouldn’t be there.

Have Specific Career Advisors

It’s best not to associate a career advisor with a mentor, as they are very different. Studies suggest having specific career advisors to advise you on everything from an awful boss to doing a complete career 180. Just like your network, these people need to be trustworthy and experienced.

Clean Your Online Presence

You might be surprised at the number of people who Google your name. What shows up first on Google and social media accounts might be the first impression someone has of you. It’s essential that you take the time to clean them up. Remove any questionable pictures, change privacy settings, and delete Facebook or Twitter posts that are incriminating or might harm you down the road.

Perfect Your LinkedIn Profile

Something you want showing at the top of your Google search is your LinkedIn profile; it’s your most prime piece of online real estate. When a future employer, vendor, client, or any professional is looking to contact you; LinkedIn is where they turn. Make sure your profile says what you want it to say.

Keep a Portfolio

Regardless of if it’s a collection of printed articles, annual reports, or marketing campaigns that you’ve worked on, or even a personal website that displays your skills; having a portfolio is recommended. It makes it easy for your boss and future bosses to note what you’ve worked on in the past.

Understand How to Sell

It doesn’t matter what your career is; there’s a massive chance that you are going to sell something at some point. Whether it’s cold-calling to sell knives or get donations, writing a cover letter, or pitching an idea to your boss; understanding how to market is critical.

Know How to Negotiate

In most cases, negotiating is one of the only ways you get what you want and deserve. If you’re new to negotiating, start small with your boss.

Learn How to Manage

You don’t always need to bear a superior’s assignments, working style, or a particular way of doing things if their demands aren’t reasonable. Being able to manage up (communicate and advocate) for what you need to do your job is a crucial skill.

It’s the smaller steps that might seem insignificant that are going to band together and play a massive role in you reaching your goals. Taking the outline suggestions above is a smart way to expand your skillsets, and bring you closer to the goal you are looking to achieve.


10 More Things to Do for Your Career by the Age of 30

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