15 Signs of Burnout Telling You It’s Time For a Break

Burnout in the workplace is common, and it is an issue almost everyone experiences at least once in their life. When burnout happens, you aren’t putting forth your best work effort. This leads to a decrease in your performance, and overall it creates issues in your life. If you experience any of these signs of burnout below, it is probably time to use up one of your vacation days and take a day off.


The first sign of burnout is exhaustion. If you are tired every day at work, this is a good sign that you are experiencing a burnout. Every day at work may feel hard or overwhelming, and a regular job should not feel that way.


Problems at work can easily come home with you. Turning off your mind from work is hard because you spend the majority of your day there. However, work related-issues can lead to insomnia. When you have trouble sleeping, it could be that you are experiencing burnout at your work.

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When you experience problems remembering when you have tasks due or when you have a meeting, this forgetfulness is a tale-tell sign that a burnout is looming in front of you. Our minds get overwhelmed, and it becomes harder to remember simple things. Taking a day off can reset your brain so you no longer deal with forgetfulness.

Concentration Problems

Concentration problems are very common when experiencing a burnout. If you are overwhelmed or hate doing your work, it becomes hard to concentrate on simple tasks. Minds that stray from work often could be trying to forget that work needs to get done. Finding that you can’t concentrate is a large sign of burnout at work.


There are many physical signs that can happen when experiencing burnout, but headaches are most common. These headaches are often caused by tension in your shoulders, neck, and jaw. Work burnout can create daily headaches. If you are drinking and eating enough but still experiencing headaches, you could be suffering from burnout.

Getting Sick More Often

It should come as no surprise that experiencing a burnout is stressful. When your body is in a state of stress, your immune system is compromised. You cannot fight off infection nearly as well when stressed out. If you find yourself getting common colds and the flu more often, it is time to ask yourself if you are experiencing a burnout. Getting sick just ruins your workday anyhow, so it is best to take a break if you are experiencing this sign.

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Anxious Feeling

Burnout often comes from not being excited about going to work. You might not like your job, or it may just be too much work for you. All of this piles on top of you, and most often you experience an anxious feeling. Millions of Americans get anxiety when it comes to work, and this is a pretty big sign that it might be time to take a break for yourself. This break can help realign your priorities and take away the anxious feeling.

Irritability At Work

Are you ever very frustrated at work? It can happen when someone asks you to take on a simple job, or it can happen when your computer starts moving slower. Whatever the reason behind your irritability, the true reason is most likely you experiencing a burnout. Getting away from your desk can provide you with the break you need to stop the burnout in its tracks.

Anger Issues At Home

If you think that your anger stays solely at work, you’re probably wrong. Ask your roommates or spouse how you act when you get home from work. Those experiencing a burnout often act out in anger toward the people in the household. Not only does this put a strain on your relationships, but it also is not productive to your work. When you start carrying angry feelings into your household, it’s time for a break.

Feeling Trapped

Do you ever feel trapped at work? Maybe you think this is the only job you can do, and the pressure of that realization starts to feel like a locked room filling up with water. If this is true, it is time for a break. Feeling trapped in the workplace is an easy identifier that you are experiencing a burnout.


Feeling sad at work? Feelings of depression are totally normal, and if they are dealt with in a correct manner then they won’t present an issue going forward. If you experience sadness when returning to work, take a break.

No Motivation

Those experiencing burnout often have no motivation when it comes to their work schedule. If you find yourself avoiding doing important things, take a vacation day before you lose your job.

Performance Issues

No surprise here, but burnout can cause a long string of performance issues. You don’t feel yourself, you’re not motivated, and therefore your performance suffers. This is a serious sign of burnout that could lead to you losing your job.

Unhealthy Coping

This is a very severe sign of a burnout that is not being dealt with. If you are coping with substances, unhealthy eating, or refusing to take care of yourself, you are drowning in a burnout.

Unhappy in General

Finally, unhappiness in general is a sign of burnout. If you are not excited to get to work and do your job, you need to step back and take a break. It might seem like taking a break creates more work at first, but ultimately it can help solve your burnout problems.

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15 Signs of Burnout Telling You It’s Time For a Break

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