Another Day, Another Equifax Breach in Security

Equifax has had its fair share of bad breaks recently. First, the consumer credit reporting bureau had a huge security breaches in May and September 2017. Over 145 million consumers were affected by the large infringement in credit privacy. Former Equifax CEO, Richard Smith, was on the line for this and quickly excused himself from the position but not before being grilled at a Senate hearing. Now, there are rumblings of more fraud via Equifax’s website. This is troubling to say the least.

Equifax Data Breach 1

Equifax Website Offline

If you were wanting to access Equifax’s online webpage recently, you were probably met by a surprising sight. The credit company’s site was offline, and a vague post was the only explanation that was given.

Citing maintenance issues, the reason for the downed site is sure to raise some red flags. Was there something more to this? It sure seemed like they were hiding a bigger issue. For hours, the website sat silent until Equifax finally let the public in on what the true reason was.

Fraudulent Updates

Equifax pointed the finger at Ars Technica, a Conde Nast technology news website. The news outfit leaked the news that there was another potential threat to Equifax’s supposedly secured webpage. There were Adobe Flash updates on the website that when clicked, sent a virus to the consumer’s computer. The virus wasn’t detectable to most anti-virus software.

A third-party security analyst, Randy Abrams, was the first person to realize what was going on. He was on the site to check his credit report when he encountered a questionable pop-up page. It was a Flash download page that to him, was obvious malware. He reached out to Ars with his suspicions. After further examination, the news page realized what he discovered was true. Ars Technica contacted Equifax with news of a breach.

Equifax has said their website is going to be available as soon as it is fixed.

What’s incredible, is that Equifax has not learned its lesson from its previous security infringements. U.S. consumers are right to be weary to put their trust into a company that is clearly going through internal issues. Hopefully, these get straightened out fast.

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Another Day, Another Equifax Breach in Security

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