Eight Funny Ways to Appear Much Smarter Than You Actually Are at Work

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting a new job and want to impress the pants off (not literally) your new boss or you are just sick of feeling left out of intellectual conversations because you don’t contribute. It’s time for you to take action with some exciting ways to make you appear smarter. Keep in mind that results may vary.


Wear Some Glasses

It’s evident that people who are blessed with perfect vision don’t look as smart as those who need glasses. Even if you don’t need a pair of bifocals, your intellectual and intelligent appearance is going to skyrocket once you show up to the office wearing your new specs.

Dress Super Nice

There is a saying that says you need to dress for success. One way of having people believe that you are smarter and more successful than you are is to be the best dressed in the office. Show up with a pair of nice slacks and a tucked in shirt or a pair of heels and a cute skirt paired with a pretty blouse. However, don’t forget the blazer. The blazer is always the key component.

Note Taking

Meetings can be dreadful and dull. No matter who you are, you can agree to this. Try bringing a notepad to your next meeting, and take notes. If you keep the notebook close to you, then you can write about tomorrow’s meal plan and your boss and co-workers won’t know the difference. They are just going to think that you’re stepping up your game and making a note of everything said.

Keep Excel Spreadsheets Open

Being able to navigate Microsoft Excel is the ultimate test of intelligence. Even if you have no idea how to use the software, keeping it open on your computer makes it look like you do. If anyone asks if you can teach them how to use it, try responding with, “I’m busy at the moment, but maybe once I have some free time.” It usually works.

Draw Diagrams

Diagrams get used for serious business plans and models. If you have been put in control of making a diagram, then you must be smarter than you look. Ensure you label the graph first; otherwise, your co-workers might start to think that you’re just drawing circles to waste time.

Surround Yourself with Smart People

Being smart by association is a fantastic way for other people to immediately think you’re smart. If you become friends with some of the most intelligent people that you work with, others are going to assume that you’re all friends because you have similar minds. You also get the chance to observe their way of life.

Wear Lipstick

If you’re a female, there is always one way to make you look like everything in your life is put together—wearing lipstick. Take the extra minute or so to apply some red lipstick before work, because it won’t go unnoticed. There is a study that says women who wear lipstick to work are more productive and feel smarter while working.


Lying isn’t recommended, but if all else fails, you can purchase an ivy league sweatshirt and t-shirt with the name printed across it. You can spend every day telling people that you went to that school, and you can even up the charade by making your own diploma.

Try trusting your abilities and have confidence in yourself instead of wasting the energy on appearing smarter. After all, you did get hired for a reason. Understand that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, and you can work on your weaknesses to turn them into strengths over time. There’s no need to take unnecessary measures; just believe in yourself, and you can reach any goal that you have.


Eight Funny Ways to Appear Much Smarter Than You Actually Are at Work

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