How to Become the Manager’s Go-To Employee

While some people in the world are lucky enough to be entrepreneurs and only have to follow their own rules, there are millions of other people who have someone else in charge. What does that mean? It means you need to make the time and effort to build rapport with your boss.

As with most other things, having a stable bond is a two-way street, but you still need to make an effort to ensure that your boss respects and appreciates you the way that they should. You can use these short, seven tips to help ensure that your manager is one of your biggest fans.


Solving Issues Yourself

Your manager is always going to be there to answer questions for you because it’s a part of their job. However, if you come across a problem that’s unique or something that hasn’t been seen before, try working it out on your own first before you involve anyone else. It’s possible that you conclude on your own without needing the help of your boss.

If you’ve gone through every possible solution that you could think of and you still require your manager’s help, then approach them. Ensure that you’ve made a note of everything that you’ve tried so they can see that you made a genuine effort to fix the problem on your own before coming to them the moment things got challenging.

Work Towards Their Focus

Regardless of if it was in a meeting, an email, or during a one-on-one conversation, your manager has undoubtedly advised you of what their focuses and goals are. Whether the goals are for the week or the entire fiscal year, you should always make sure you don’t lose sight of your manager’s goals.

There is a solid chance that your goals don’t meet your manager’s, and that’s okay. What you might not realize is assisting your boss with accomplishing their, or the company’s, goals, is a great way to make you stand out as a team player and a hard worker. It pays off in the end.

Provide Updates

Your boss is going to appreciate you working independently, but they won’t like it as much if you keep your progress to yourself. Always ensure that you keep your manager in the know and provide them with updates when you’ve completed tasks, spoken with someone important, or made headway on an account.

Research has shown that being responsive helps make a difference in professional roles, and all it takes is a quick email or instant message to update your boss on the work you are doing.

Choose Their Method of Communication

Does your boss stop by your office or cubicle for a chat? Do they call you during the week? Do they send you updates via instant message or email? Once you’ve worked with your manager for so long, you can likely decipher what their method of communication is.

If you have a question for your boss, it’s recommended that you reach out to them through the platforms that they are familiar with. If your boss is comfortable with the method being used, they are more likely to reach out to you.

Always Be Presentable

Your manager isn’t going to just analyze your performance and behavior, but they are also going to analyze how you present yourself. Make sure that you are dressing the part. If there is a dress code, follow it. Even if the dress code is casual, ensure that you look properly put together.

Always try to connect with your colleagues and develop friendships with your team. If you present yourself as friendly, respectful, supportive, and sociable, your manager’s perception of you should only improve.

Offer Suggestions

It’s easy to think that your manager wants a team of employees who nod their head and agree with everything that’s said, but that isn’t the case. Honesty has always been the best policy, and it’s even more critical when you’re forging a relationship. If you are given the floor and provided the opportunity to speak your mind and give your tips and suggestions, take it.

Keep in mind that there is always a delicate balance that you want to be wary of. Overloading your manager with compliments or complaints could be a negative thing. It’s also important to pick the right setting. You don’t want to tell your manager that you don’t agree with a significant idea they have during a friend team get-together.

Arrive Early

If you’ve been at your job for a while, you probably know your boss’s schedule like you know your own. If you make a point to start work a little earlier than your manager comes in for the day, they’re going to see you hard at work when they come in.

Dependability and dedication are two crucial factors that can help you stand out at the office. Your manager is going to appreciate your consistency and initiative, and like the fact that you don’t need to be told what to do before you do it. Additionally, it shows that you enjoy your job and don’t mind hard work, which means you’re a team player.

No one is suggesting that you become best friends with your boss (though you totally could), but the above seven tips should help you improve the relationship that you already have with them. Your boss is going to see that not only are you hardworking and dependable, but you’re well-liked, sociable, and a consistent team player. Those are some of the attributes managers look for when it comes to promoting employees down the road. Start building your bond with your manager, and soon enough, you’ll be mutually beneficial to one another.


How to Become the Manager’s Go-To Employee

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