Becoming a Successful YouTuber: Key Strategies That Help Your Channel

Based out of California, video-sharing website YouTube has blown up since Google purchased that business back in 2006. Google is generating $4 billion dollars in YouTube revenue each year and has consistently done so since 2006. With those kinds of numbers, why wouldn’t you want to take a piece of it?


Since the rise of YouTube, vloggers (video bloggers), and businesses around the world have been using the platform to produce entertaining, interesting, and creative content to their subscribers, and consumers. You can easily find YouTubers from all over the world interacting with their audience, and promoting their brand, art, products, and services in innovative ways.

Let’s take a look at some key things to help you start your YouTube business.

Prioritize Consistency

The biggest channels on YouTube are making it a priority to post quality content at least once a week. By looking through YouTube’s trending channels, you may find that some of these entrepreneurs are posting more than that. Famous YouTuber Shane Dawson posts videos every single day, and he now has 11.2 million subscribers, a line of merchandise, multiple auto-biographies, sponsorships, and has appeared in movies.

Benefits of posting consistently:

  • Your subscribers are reminded of your channel, and they are more encouraged to watch your content.
  • When you put effort into your channel, your audience sees that you’re posting content that you’re passionate about. They’re going to want to see what you see.
  • You can engage with your subscribers by responding to comments that they’ve previously left. This tactic makes them feel special and makes them want to return.

Understand Ads and Influential Marketing

Part of becoming a successful YouTuber means you need to understand how to make money off of the platform by using Ads. When you sign up for YouTube, you have the option of what’s called a “YouTube partner,” and this allows you to turn on the monetization (ads) feature on your videos. While you’re a small and growing business, ad revenue doesn’t add up to a lot of income but it can help you to get started. Once you’ve reached a good amount of subscribers, are engaging with your audience, and posting on a consistent basis, you can look into sponsorships and influencer marketing.

Benefits of sponsorships and influencer marketing:

  • Your content, products, and services are being broadcasted to a higher percentage of people.
  • Influencer marketing for your business brings brand awareness, access to more content, consumer inquisition, and trust.
  • Google and SEO ranking boosts.
  • Entirely unaffected by any ad blocker technologies.

Use Your Products in Your Content

As an entrepreneur, you’re probably using your channel as a way to promote the services and products that your business offers. Incorporating them into your content is a great way to show your audience the functionality of what you’re selling, and show them that you use it too. There are plenty of creative ways that you can incorporate your goods, and services into clever media, but let’s look at a couple.

Ways popular YouTube channels and businesses use their products in content:

  • Cooking channels are using their dishware, pots and pans, dinnerware, and cutlery in their videos.
  • Comedians and lifestyle vloggers are wearing their merchandise during the video and using their books, albums, movies, and sometimes even google play buttons as comedic drink coasters.
  • Beauty and fashion channels often represent their brand by using a piece of their makeup or clothing line in their tutorials.

Make Your Content Mobile and Internationally Friendly

Just because you’re running a business and posting content to YouTube doesn’t mean that you don’t watch it too. You may know from experience that stumbling across a YouTube video that you want to watch and not being able to, can be quite frustrating. Ensuring that you have interesting content free of curse words and copyright infringement is going to help your video to be internationally accessible.

By average, 40 minutes is spent on YouTube during a mobile session, and that’s a lot of missed opportunity if you haven’t optimized your content videos to efficiently run on mobile YouTube application. Consider your demographic and whether or not the vast majority of your audience would use YouTube as a way to pass the time on their cell phones.

Network and Collaborate

YouTube is a massive community with over 1.3 billion users, and building relationships with other YouTube entrepreneurs in your niche can help you drastically. You could start out by connecting through social media and email, and then you can devise a plan through there. Collaborating on videos with other channel hosts is going to help you with reaching a broader audience, and even possibly reach consumers from target groups outside of your usual subscribers.

Impressive YouTube Business Facts

  • According to Alexa, YouTube is the second most visited website in the world.
  • Approximately 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube each minute.
  • Over 35 million people from around the world visit YouTube each day.
  • There are on average one billion mobile YouTube views every day.
  • 25 billion hours’ worth of video is watched on YouTube each month.
  • 11% of American small businesses use YouTube.
  • YouTube costs approximately $6.3 billion dollars annually to maintain and run.
  • Over 50% of YouTube channels earn six figures yearly.

Examples of Successful YouTube Entrepreneurs

  • PewDiePie: Felix Kjellberg, also known as PewDiePie, has 57 million subscribers to his gaming/entertainment channel. Through sponsorships, entertaining content, ads and brand deals, PewDiePie earns an estimated $14 million per year.
  • Smosh: Childhood best friends Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla earn $8.5 million each year with their comedy/lifestyle channel. Presently, Smosh has 22 million subscribers, and have branched off to a Spanish channel, and even a movie. Smosh is still up and running, though Anthony Padilla has left to pursue other opportunities.
  • RomanAtwood: Prankster Roman Atwood remains as YouTube’s highest-paid pranker. He has 10 million subscribers and makes $8 million dollars a year by pulling funny pranks that catch his audience’s attention. Roman also partnered up with other YouTube pranksters in feature film Natural Born Pranksters.
  • iisuperwomanii: Superwoman Lily Singh has earned a staggering 1.3 billion views on her YouTube channel, and earns $8 million yearly with her unique content. Since her success, Lily has had the opportunity to work with celebrities such as Seth Rogan, and even Michelle Obama. She’s appeared on the Tonight Show, collaborated with Smashbox Cosmetics and Pantene Pro V, and launched a New York Times Best Selling autobiography. Lily has said that her YouTube channel was at first an outlet to help with depression, but it has now turned into her life.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur by using YouTube isn’t going to be easy, just like vlogging isn’t. You are going to have to devote time, energy, enthusiasm, and motivation in order to get to where you want to be. Beyond the strategies that have been listed, the most important one that you want to remember is being yourself. Bring your personality to each and every one of your videos. That’s what your audience is going to want to see, on top of the good content. Once you mix all of the ingredients, and your personality together, you could very well have the recipe for success. Maybe your name is going to be on the list next year.

Have you ever considered using YouTube to market your small business? Have you heard of any of these YouTubers or considered making your own channel?

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Becoming a Successful YouTuber: Key Strategies That Help Your Channel

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