The Best Tips to Take Away From Ellen Pompeo’s Fight for a Higher Salary

Even in Hollywood women seem to struggle with getting paid as well as their male counterparts. For decades women have had to fight tirelessly to receive doctorates, the ability to vote and be members of political parties, teach, receive equal pay and benefits, and more. With all of that said, how often do people think that household Hollywood names have the same issues?

Grey’s Anatomy

has been on the air for 13 years and has seen many actors and actresses come and go. From the beginning, Ellen Pompeo has starred on the show as Meredith Grey. Pompeo is now the highest paid actress on television, but it took her years to get there, and she revealed why. Take a look at key points that you can use when negotiating a higher salary.

Ask for What You Want

“I’ve finally gotten to the place where I’m okay asking for what I deserve.”

Ellen Pompeo’s interview revealed that as she got older, she learned to ask for what she wants and deserves. It made her very relatable because women can ask for more money, but they are also taught not to be greedy or too ambitious. After so long, and as you mature, you eventually learn to hone in on your worth; just like Ellen did. She realized that the series earned nearly $3 billion for Disney, so she was well in her right to ask for more money.

Women Should Empower Women

“Shonda Rhimes got to a place where she was so empowered that she was generous with her power.”

Women and men get pitted against each other at the top, but if you receive support from another woman, it’s going to help you. If you’re at the top of your field, try lending out some advice to an equally ambitious woman who might be struggling. In the interview with Pompeo, she went on to say that Patrick Dempsey would get used against her as a way to turn down her requests. It was a prime example of pitting man against woman. However, with the support of an empowered woman, Ellen got what she wanted.

Keep Yourself Educated

You might not be in a position where you have a force such as Shonda Rhimes in your corner, but there are outstanding women everywhere who want to share their wisdom. Regardless of how much “official” schooling you might have, seeking out a powerful woman as a mentor could be what sets you down a path different from the others.

Take Ownership

“I need to feel empowered and to feel ownership of this show.”

Keeping yourself involved and taking ownership of not just your mistakes, but your successes as well, is a clear indication that you’re a pressing force. Ellen Pompeo decided to be more involved with the character that she’s played for over a decade. Her drive and ambition encouraged current Grey’s Anatomy producers and the network to make her a producer of the show. She also landed a co-executive producer slot on an upcoming spinoff.

Share the Power

“I don’t believe the only solution is more women in power, because power corrupts.”

While your personality might be different, there are many others out there who would get power-hungry the moment they get some in their hands. Unfortunately, that makes it difficult for others to get the opportunities that they need to experience power, too. When you spread the influence, instead of keeping it all to yourself, you’re encouraging more people to strive for their goals. You’re also taking a stand and showing that everyone is capable of being a force that is stronger than gender.

Statistics show that women work longer to get promoted and to get raises. Though there are things set in place such as the Equal Pay Act, they don’t always work out that way. The act doesn’t say that the pay needs to be the same, but it does need to be similar. Ellen Pompeo isn’t the first Hollywood actress to speak out about pay equality, and she won’t be the last. Her article, which landed her a cover page on the magazine, got her a lot of attention. In addition to finally receiving the power that she deserved, Ellen put her suggestions to good use. She is now empowering other females who don’t have as much of a voice and using her power to encourage more women to rise up to their full potential.

How do you feel about pay equality in Hollywood? Leave a comment below.


The Best Tips to Take Away From Ellen Pompeo’s Fight for a Higher Salary

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