Bizarre Missing Person Case: The Kyron Horman Story

Whenever a young boy or girl goes missing, prayers and thoughts often go out to the family. There’s a collective effort to find the child, and a community or family often strengthens in the face of adversity such as a missing person case. And then there are some cases that are so bizarre and unravel the bonds between family members.

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One of the most bizarre missing person cases is that of the missing Kyron Horman. The boy, who was only 7 years old when he disappeared, was allegedly last seen as he walked down a hallway to his first class on that Friday morning in Portland, Oregon. Then things got weird. Really weird.

Where is little Kyron, and who is responsible for his disappearance? The possibilities may shock you. Click ‘Start Slideshow‘ for a story of mystery, intrigue, and improbabilities!

Kyron Horman

In nearly every photo you see of 7-year-old Kyron Horman, he has the biggest smile ever. He has a big, blended family with two moms and two dads, essentially. Although his birth mother was still a giant part of his life, she had to go to Canada for medical treatment, and Kyron’s stepmother became a bigger maternal figure in his life when he was just a toddler.

Kyron Horman 1

Friends say Kyron grew up in a loving home and a tight-knit family that took quality time seriously. They would play games together, go to bowling alleys, and take family vacations, such as one to Disney World. Before Kyron disappeared, he worked hard on his entry for his school’s science fair.

It’s important you understand who each person is in Kyron’s story. Click “Next” to see what his dad was like!

Kaine Horman

Kaine Horman graduated from the University of Washington in 1997 with a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering. After a few years working for smaller companies, he landed a position with Intel as a Technical Analysis in 2000. It was also the year he married, but that marriage nearly ended after one year.

Kyron Horman 2

By 2002, Kaine and his wife were sure of two things: They were going to have a little boy soon, and they wanted a divorce. In August, 2002, just a month before Kyron was born, Kaine’s wife filed for divorce. Kaine continued moving up ladders at Intel, and now works as an Enterprise Business Architect and Business Intelligence Developer.

Although Kaine’s first marriage didn’t work out, he co-parented with his ex-wife on good terms. Click “Next” to learn about her!

Desiree Young

There isn’t much about Desiree Young, who remarried after divorcing Kaine and changed her name, but what records show is more than what you’ll read in news reports. Desiree had been married before she met Kaine and had a child. At the time she gave birth to Kyron, she had a 7-year-old son from her previous marriage.

Kyron Horman 3

One month after filing for divorce, Desiree reportedly filed for a restraining order against Kaine. Court documents showed that Desiree took this measure against Kaine because she was worried he would take her children. Most press has shied away from reporting that bit of information. Desiree filed no other complaints against her ex-husband.

Now meet Terri Horman, Kaine’s second wife, who is a big part of Kyron’s story. Click “Next” to see why!

Terri Horman

The history between Terri Moulton (later Horman), Kaine, and Desiree is cloudy, to say the least, and it’s hard to tell which story is correct. The timeline of her relationship has been most often reported as moving in with Kaine and Kyron in 2004. However, Terri had already been a part of Kyron’s life, as she was taking care of the boy for more than a year before that.

Kyron Horman 4

Terri’s move to Kaine’s house coincided with Desiree giving up custody of Kyron to Kaine. After several years as a live-in caretaker, Terri’s role shifted to that of stepmother when she married Kaine in 2007. Only two years later, Terri gave birth to the couple’s only child together: Kiara. Friends of the family say there was no sign of tension or unhappiness.

Kaine, Terri, and Kiara waited at the bus stop one June afternoon for Kyron, but the bus driver said he never boarded the bus. Click “Next” to see what happened!

The Day Kyron Went Missing

On Friday, June 4, 2010, Skyline Elementary opened their doors early to give parents and students a chance to attend the science fair. Kyron posed proudly next to his project on the red-eyed tree frog and smiled wide for the camera. Terri snapped the photo and said Kyron was on his way to his first class at 8:45 a.m.

Kyron Horman 5

However, at 10 a.m., Kyron’s homeroom teacher marked the boy as absent. At 1:21 p.m., Terri posts her photos of Kyron and his project at the science fair on her Facebook page. Kaine and Terri go down to the bus stop to meet Kyron at 3:30 p.m., but there’s no sign of him. By 4:33 p.m., Portland officers arrive at the Horman’s home and Kyron’s elementary school.

It was a long night for the Horman family as officers searched any area Kyron could be. Click “Next” to see what happened then.

The Family Went Public Quickly

Less than 24 hours since the family knew Kyron went missing, a sheriff’s spokesperson notes that this is a missing person’s case and not a criminal investigation. Two news conferences follow the announcements that Kyron is missing. The family orders fliers, t-shirts, and buttons and the small Oregon community pulls together to help.

Kyron Horman 6

Only days after Kyron first went missing, Terri, who had been posting updates on her Facebook page, made her social media profile private. One week after that fateful Friday, the Horman family appears at a news conference. “Please help us bring Kyron home,” Kaine pleads to cameras. The search for Kyron becomes a national story, and the police make it clear again that this is not a criminal investigation.

Two days after that news conference, officers make a new announcement. Click “Next” to see what it was.

The Investigation Shifts

At noon, on Sunday, June 13, the sheriff’s office changes the investigation. More than 1,300 people from the western states have searched tirelessly for the little boy, but to no avail. The search for Kyron has ended, they say. Now officers and investigators are shifting their search because it has now become a criminal investigation.

Kyron Horman 7

With no explanation as to why they would search the area, officers sweep parts of Sauvie Island and send divers to search the waters there. One person who might know the answer to that isn’t saying much, and at this point, there’s only speculation. The community continues the search and 30 billboards donated by a media outlet go up with Kyron’s info and image on them.

Stress of the situation seems to be straining relationships – two 9-1-1 calls come from the Horman residence on Saturday, June 26. Click “Next” to find out why!

A Possible Lead?

At the time, no one but the Hormans and officers knew what happened. Behind the scenes, the four parents had taken polygraph tests, and all of them passed – except one. Terri took two polygraph tests and failed both. She was forthcoming about it with her husband, but it was just one proverbial nail in the stepmother’s coffin.

Kyron Horman 8

Officers spoke with Kaine about a tip they received from a man who claimed he was a landscaper who knew Terri. Rodolfo Sanchez reported that Terri asked him to kill Kaine six or seven months before Kyron went missing. Terri reportedly offered him collateral if he’d kill her husband. When Kaine learned of the murder-for-hire plot, he gathered his belongings and his daughter and moved out.

At this point, Terri lies to media, saying “everything’s good,” but some parts of the truth are about to come to light. Click “Next” for more!

Kaine Files for Divorce

In addition to Terri’s two failed polygraph tests and the alleged plan to murder her husband, Kaine reveals to a court that his soon to be ex-wife had started a sexual relationship with one of his high school friends. Kaine requested that Terri be forced to move out of his house. And there was an allegation that Terri tried to kidnap her daughter from a gym’s day care while Kaine was working out.

Kyron Horman 9

All of these allegations and the impending divorce was likely what shifted everyone’s attention from an unexplained missing child case to believing the stepmom was involved somehow. Kaine reveals he believes Terri is involved with Kyron’s disappearance, and he wants her out of his house. He’s granted his request and Terri moves out.

The nation is still captivated by Kyron’s story, and the search continues. Click “Next” for a break in the case!

Vigils & Continued Searches

The continued search for Kyron is draining law enforcement budgets – hundreds of thousands of dollars have been devoted to pay overtime for the officers who keep looking for the boy. Community members continue to donate to the family to help pay for fliers and the reward money for finding Kyron. Vigils are held to mark important days.

Kyron Horman 10

Investigators keep pressing community members for anything they may have remembered the day Kyron went missing. In August, officers learn some potentially valuable information about friends of Terri. Specifically, authorities focused on DeDe Spicher, a close friend of Terri’s who was reportedly gardening on the day Kyron went missing – and she abruptly left her work for about 90 minutes.

Investigators focus on DeDe, and they begin searching for Kyron near the house DeDe was that day. Click “Next” to learn more!

Who is DeDe Spicher?

Although DeDe may have seemed only like a supportive friend, others wondered how she might be involved with the disappearance of Kyron. DeDe was reportedly not cooperative with law enforcement, but they did search three residences connected to DeDe: her condo, her aunt’s home, and the home where she worked on June 4.

Kyron Horman 11

DeDe was gardening at a client’s home – that she doesn’t deny. However, another worker at the home called for DeDe to come inside for lunch, and she wasn’t anywhere to be found. The homeowner called DeDe’s cell phone, but got no answer. DeDe reportedly abruptly left the home she was working at around 11:30 a.m. and was gone for at least an hour, possibly 90 minutes.

Officers found nothing around the residences and DeDe wasn’t charged with anything. Fast forward two years – click “Next” to see what’s going on.

Desiree Sues Terri

It’s 2012, and Kyron is still missing, and there doesn’t seem to be any new information. No one has been arrested or charged in any crimes involving the disappearance of Kyron. In the court of public opinion, however, Terri is getting judged harshly. Kyron’s birth mother, Desiree, makes her opinion clear, as well. Just days before the two-year anniversary of the day Kyron went missing, Desiree files a lawsuit.

Kyron Horman 12

Desiree is seeking $10 million in damages, and the defendant in her suit is Terri. Desiree believes Terri kidnapped Kyron, and it seems Desiree is hoping the lawsuit will convince Terri to confess to where Kyron is. A judge delayed the lawsuit, though, saying it could interfere with a criminal investigation. It seemed to go nowhere.

Although Desiree’s opinion didn’t seem to change, there was a surprising moment that came one year later. Click “Next” to see what it was!

A Surprising Twist

Only one year after filing the civil lawsuit against Terri, Desiree dropped it. The lawsuit was designed to help bring Kyron home by putting pressure on Terri to reveal whatever she knew about the boy’s disappearance. However, the civil suit could have put a criminal investigation in jeopardy. So, Desiree withdrew it.

Kyron Horman 13

Months later, Desiree and Kaine met up on The Dr. Phil Show where it was revealed that Kaine cheated on Desiree when she was seven months pregnant with Kyron – and Terri was the other woman. Kaine and Desiree traded pot shots without directly blaming each other for Kyron’s changed demeanor – he cried when left alone with Terri; and he cried on the way to stay with Desiree.

As the years go by, Kyron remains missing, but there’s odd behavior from one person involved in all this. Click “Next” to see how!

Terri Moves to California

More than four years after Kyron disappeared, Terri is back in court, but this time it’s for a petition to change her name to Claire Stella Sullivan. Her request was denied. Four months later, she tries again in another county, but this time to Claire Kisiel. She claimed she needed a new name to start a new life without the stigma that comes with the Horman name.

Kyron Horman 14

In 2015, Terri worked for a mental-health nonprofit company, and she was doing well there, according to her employer. However, after word spread about where she was working, Terri quit her job, saying she knew the impact of her employment would have on the nonprofit. About a year later, Terri moved to California.

It wasn’t the last anyone would hear of Terri – not by a longshot. Find out what happened by clicking “Next” now!

Terri Horman and a Gun

In a seeming attempt to move on, Terri was forging a new life for herself in California. That may have been derailed when her roommate reported that Terri stole a handgun from a safe in his home. This actually happened in August 2015, but Terri failed to appear in court and there was a warrant out for her arrest.

Kyron Horman 15

She was booked for failure to appear almost a year later, and she pleaded not guilty in the gun theft case. The gun theft charge may have been the least of Terri’s worries, though. Ex-boyfriends began to come forward with more information, and at the end of 2016, Terri was arrested again.

There’s still no new information about Kyron, but media keeps its eye on Terri – and there’s definitely new information there – click “Next” to see what it is!

Terri Arrested Again

Terri was back in the news again in late 2016 when she was arrested for allegedly driving a stolen car. She was stopped by a police officer just outside of San Francisco. The car had been reported stolen in Sacramento, but only about a week later, prosecutors dropped the charges. They didn’t believe they could prove the case beyond reasonable doubt.

Kyron Horman 16

The former stepmother of the missing Kyron did not appear in court at two of her scheduled hearings – one on the stolen gun charge and another for, well, I’ll get to that soon. It seems as though Terri is either in the wrong place at the wrong time, or well, let’s not speculate.

Before Terri’s legal troubles in California, she appeared on The Dr. Phil Show to share information never revealed before. Click “Next” for more on that!

Terri Talks to Dr. Phil

In September 2016, Terri’s conversation with Dr. Phil was broadcast, and she revealed an interesting piece of information that hadn’t been revealed before. She said she believes a man in a white pickup truck kidnapped Kyron. This tip came after Dr. Phil went over the details of Kyron’s last day with her, and Terri’s marriage with Kaine.

Kyron Horman 17

Terri admitted that she was unhappy in her marriage, and she told Kaine that. Dr. Phil points out that she lied to the media about her relationship. Terri claimed that law enforcement told her to tell the media that everything was fine. Terri said she considers Kyron her son – he had been in her life since he was 3 days old, she said. And those allegations of the landscaper? Terri denies them and suggested another possibility: If he didn’t cooperate the way the authorities wanted him to, he and his family would be deported.

The obsession with Terri and her past troubles continues, as does the search for Kyron. Click “Next” for another odd twist!

Others Come Forward

Long before Terri knew Kaine, and long before Kyron disappeared, Terri allegedly planned a hit on her then boyfriend Sean Rea in 1990. Seemingly out of nowhere, detectives began investigating this accusation of murder-for-hire plot against Terri in 2017. Rea said he was in a park with Terri when he saw a strange man come at him with a gun. “He’s here for you!” Rea recalled Terri saying.

Kyron Horman 18

That’s not the only claim against Terri. Joseph Cristobal, a former domestic partner, got a restraining order against Terri. Cristobal claimed Terri threatened him with a knife to his face, saying something would happen to him or his family if he spoke to authorities. He feared for his life, which is what prompted him to file the domestic violence accusations.

For reasons unknown to media, investigators have stepped up the search for Kyron recently. Click “Next” to see what new information there is!

Hope for Kyron

Kyron’s case has not yet gone cold. Investigators are still searching and it’s still very much an active case. In fact, officers are reportedly conducting ground searches and detectives are looking at new evidence regarding the disappearance of Kyron. To date, the search for Kyron has been the largest – and most expensive – in Oregon’s history.

Kyron Horman 19

The details of what they’re analyzing hasn’t been shared, but it’s reported that police are looking at evidence from a laptop Terri owned. Although Terri has never been arrested, charged, or even named as a person of interest or suspect, police seem to continue focusing their investigation on her.

The community remains vigilant in finding Kyron and bringing him home. Click “Next” to see what Kyron would look like now!

What Kyron Would Look Like Today

In September 2017, Kyron will turn 15 years old. He’s been missing since June 2010 – seven long years for the family that loves him and wants to bring him home. A new age-enhanced photo of Kyron was recently released, showing what he might look like at 14. Desiree continues to speak at events and search for her son.

Kyron Horman 20

There doesn’t seem to be enough information on the criminal front to change this missing person case to anything else at this point. So, if you have any tips, any information, on where Kyron is, his family, the state of Oregon, and all those who keep the hope for Kyron alive, urge you to call the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office tip line.

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Bizarre Missing Person Case: The Kyron Horman Story

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