Career Choices: Which Ones Remain at the Top of the Highest Paying Jobs?

How much you’re going to earn isn’t the only thing that drives you towards your preferred career, but it’s safe to assume that it is one of the driving factors. People spend years in secondary education institutions to build up their knowledge on areas of their interest, and to make sure that they’re able to provide for their family. Keep reading to find out more about some of America’s highest paying jobs.

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Despite what you may believe, there is a substantial difference between attorneys and lawyers, though they work in the same field. Attorneys both advise, and represent people, businesses, and even government jurisdictions in both civil and criminal matters. The average base salary of an attorney in the United States ranges around $95,000.

Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis

The majority of American corporations and businesses have in-house financial planning managers that help them analyze the state of their finances. These positions help company’s measure success, expenditures, and determine needs by keeping a close eye on financial metrics. Generally, those in the position make just over $95,000 USD.

Systems Architect

IT professionals are one of the fastest growing career choices in the United States, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. A Systems Architect is an IT professional that works to create networking, and computing systems. They are responsible for configuration, provisioning, operations, and monitoring the skeleton of the system that makes up the business. Often times, this includes technical support and devout research. Systems Architects earn just under $98,000 USD according to reports.


For the next financial position on the list, Actuaries are paid higher than financial planners. Some of you may not know what an Actuary is, but they work to analyze financial consequences from company risks. For the most part, Actuaries are employed by insurance agencies, but they can also be found in the benefit departments of large corporations, governments, hospitals, investment firms, and more. The median salary is usually around $99,500 USD per year.

Software Architect

Software architects shouldn’t be confused with software programmers, as they don’t need to be good at programming; they just need to understand the core functions of the software that’s being developed. The main function of the job is to provide a software development team with all of the tools that they need in order to do their job to create great software. Additionally, they’ll also coordinate with stakeholders and earn just under $105,000 USD each year.

Physician Assistant

Generally a position that is filled by future physicians, the Physician’s Assistant generally does a lot of the same tasks that a Physician does. They perform physicals, provide treatment, counsel patients, and work in hospitals and independent clinics. The majority of the time, they gather all the information that’s required for a Physician to make a diagnosis and prescribe medication. Their base salary is approximately $112,500 USD.


No matter the type of physician that you are, there’s a good chance that you’re remaining at the top of the highest paid list in American careers. That dollar amount only rises if you study in specialties such as Neurology and Cardiology. Physicians treat and diagnose illnesses, prescribe medications, refer patients to specialists, do complete exams and more. As a median salary, a physician in the U.S. can expect to earn around $188,000 USD.

Highest Paying Jobs 2The majority of the high paying jobs in the United States are Information Technology, Medical, and Science positions. However, that doesn’t mean that all of the jobs on the list are. There are plenty of other high paying jobs that stem from different areas. The salary numbers in America are always changing, but if you’re thinking about taking a job in one of the above fields, recent studies suggest that is the most up-to-date median wages.

What other high paying jobs have you heard of? Do you know anyone who works in these fields?

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Career Choices: Which Ones Remain at the Top of the Highest Paying Jobs?

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