Careers in Technology: Breaking Down the Top Tech Jobs

Unless you’re familiar with tech jargon, there’s a good chance that you don’t understand the first thing when it comes to typical duties in a technology job. Under most circumstances, having a career in the technology field can mean that you have flexible schedules, high salaries, and might even get the chance to work on cutting-edge projects that could change the world. To help you get started, you can take a look at this guide that helps break down some of the most sought-after positions in the technology industry.

Web Developers

Web Developers, or computer programmers, use specific coding language such as HTML, Java, and CSS to create mockup websites that have been made by web designers. Developers can also assist with the front end and back end development of a site where they build the parts that users see, and develop the infrastructures behind the scenes. Additionally, they can also work with WordPress development, where they bring a website to life using WordPress.

Typical Duties Include:

  • Meeting with clientele and management teams to determine the needs and design of the website
  • Programming websites using specific coding languages
  • Collaborating with web designers
  • Including multimedia content into the website design

Job Requirements Include:

  • Proficient understanding of coding languages
  • Extensive experience with tools such as Github, SaSS, and jQuery
  • The familiarity of visual design

Typical Base Pay: $88,500


Web Designers

Web Designers are responsible for designing the website and creating the layout, color scheme, and multimedia themes. The designs then get implemented by Web Developers. Those who have experience in print design and an interest in technology frequently turn towards a career in web design.

Typical Duties Include:

  • Meeting with clientele and management to determine website goals
  • Creating all visual and multimedia elements of the website
  • Creating and implementing a style guide that keeps site content cohesive and on trend with the brand

Job Requirements Include:

  • Advanced experience with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Professional portfolio of past completed projects
  • Familiarity with WordPress and its themes
  • Familiarity with content marketing

Typical Base Pay: $56,150


UX Designers

User Experience (UX) Designers use visual design, psychology, and customer research to build on the consumer satisfaction by making them easy to access from devices such as tablets or smartphones, and by creating better software programs and applications.

Typical Duties Include:

  • Creating a basic model of the user layout without any added features or design
  • Building prototypes
  • Creating storyboards to explain the UX with fictional products or personas
  • Analyzing research, user feedback and conducting study groups

Job Requirements Include:

  • Basic coding skills
  • Experiencing with design tools such as OmniGraffle, and wireframing tools such as Balsamiq
  • Clear and concise communication with end users, management, development teams and stakeholders
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Typical Base Pay: $97,450


SEO Specialists

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of enhancing a website’s ranking with search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo, so it shows higher in the results when searched. SEO specialists focus on the most current SEO practices and put them to use on a company’s website.

Typical Duties Include:

  • Staying on top of keyword trends by doing consistent research
  • Monitoring site trends, consumer behavior, and traffic
  • Webpage prototype testing to see which versions are more successful
  • Developing high ranking strategies that work with evaluator guidelines

Job Requirements Include:

  • Understanding of consumer relations, performance, marketing, and online acquisitions
  • Knowledge of A/B testing
  • Experience with analytic tools such as Google Analytics and Omniture
  • Staying up to date with search engine factors and algorithms

Typical Base Pay: $37,600


IT Support Specialists

IT Customer Support Specialists provide tech support to both individual customers and entire companies. Usually, they work as front-line support and are the first point of contact for incident resolution. They work through basic troubleshooting with the end user to try and isolate and solve the issue before determining if the problem needs to be escalated to a higher tier of support.

Typical Duties Include:

  • Isolating and diagnosing PC, printer and other hardware and software issues
  • Training consumers and other colleagues how to work with PC hardware and software
  • Providing management staff with typical customer problems
  • Providing basic troubleshooting

Job Requirements Include:

  • Demonstrated computer knowledge and potentially a degree in a computer-related field
  • Staying up to date with advancing technology
  • Specific certifications as specified by individual employers

Typical Base Pay: $52,350


Information Security Analysts

With the age of technology and most things running off of networks, information security analysts are highly sought after to ensure that a business’s system is safe and protected against any unauthorized use or cyber attacks on the web. Digital information is stored by some of the most successful companies in the world, and information security analyst positions are expected to grow by nearly 30% in the next decade.

Typical Duties Include:

  • Monitoring computer networks for unauthorized use and security breaches, as well as investigating all security threats when they happen
  • Installing and maintaining all software used to protect sensitive information
  • Documenting details and providing full reports of any cyber attacks and determining the damage they’ve caused
  • Performing simulating hacks against the network to test for weaknesses on the network

Job Requirements Include:

  • Most employers require a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, and some may even prefer a Master’s in business administration or security
  • Previous network administration or security experience
  • Some employers may require a cybersecurity certification

Typical Base Pay: $76,150

There are plenty of other technology jobs that are available, but these are some of the highest in demand. Regardless of what your career is now, if you’re passionate about working in technology, it’s never too late. You can start off with a basic computer course that can teach you the fundamentals you need, and go from there. Just remember to stay up to date with the current technology trends.

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Careers in Technology: Breaking Down the Top Tech Jobs

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