Creating a Happy, Healthy Workplace for Your Employees

As a boss, it can be tough to be around your employees at all times. So, it is difficult to know whether your employees are happy. An unhappy work environment is extremely detrimental to your company. Therefore, bosses who are “in the know,” look for ways to implement guidelines that help to guarantee your employees remain happy.

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As their employer, it is your job to make sure you follow a few basic steps to create a positive and healthy workplace.  As the leader, you are solely responsible for setting the tone of the company atmosphere by making sure your employees are consistently shown respect. This comes not only from you, but also from their peers. Respect is a vital component needed for a happy work place.

Another key aspect that helps ensure happiness in your employees is a reward system. This gives employees incentives to do the right thing when on the job. It is also important to make sure the actual work space is comfortable. Though it can be hard at times to satisfy all employees needs and to keep everyone happy at all times, there are methods you can utilize to make it easily attainable.

Here are some more perks that you can give to your staff to keep them happy:

Respect Earns Respect

In earning an employee’s respect, it is beneficial to work with them, not above them. For instance, show them that you can do their job. Show them that you would never ask them to do something that you were not willing to do yourself.

When you walk into a room do you feel as if you are welcome with open arms? Or do your employees shy away from interacting with you. If things are pleasant, it shows that there is mutual respect between yourself and your staff. If not, things could need a vast improvement.

It’s true that respect must be earned, not give, and you can do this by creating a work environment that reflects that.

Have you ever worked for a company where some employees are given preferential treatment? If so, you know that this can negatively impact the overall moral of the entire work place. It also puts the manager in a bad light.

Instead of constantly advancing the people who are at the top, and playing favorites, urge those employees who excel to help bring other’s work up to their speed through training sessions, mentoring programs, and constructive critiquing.  In addition, personally stepping in and helping, “getting dirty,” so to speak, with your employees, helps you to earn their respect and keep a happy work place.

Don’t Let Hard Work Go Unnoticed

A large mistake that bosses tend to make is taking their employees for granted. Your job as a boss is to foster positive customer service.  There are many ways to reward your employees.  Not all incentives have to be monetary; however, work bonuses are always appreciated.  Another great reward you should enforce is regular monthly dinners with employees who are excelling.  In addition to the select group dinners, you should host holiday parties and other gatherings to show your appreciation. This always boosts your employee morale.  When your employees are happy, your customers are happy, which equals great profits.

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Aesthetics Built Within Functionality

The saying is “do not judge a book by its cover,” however, in the work place this can easily be proven false. If your employees feel as though their actual work space is invaded by other employee’s messes or personalities, this can cause them interruptions in their work load. It can also be disadvantageous for their overall well being and success. You must make sure that all employees are provided a work environment that is suitable for work to be completed to its fullest.

That this as an example: a high traffic desk or cubicle might work for an employee who makes copies or takes notes as a job, but would be highly unsuitable for someone who has to answer private phone calls and create a plethora of personal files throughout the day. In addition, allowing employees to not clean up after themselves or be disrespectful to other’s belongings or personal space can also adversely affect the overall mood of your employees. You need to strategically plan the layout of your employees to make sure they can get their jobs efficiently and effectively completed.  Yet again, this enhances the overall happiness of your employees.

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Creating a Happy, Healthy Workplace for Your Employees

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