How to De-Stress At Your Desk

Getting stressed out at work is a real problem. It not only hinders your production levels, but it also makes you dislike your current job. While taking a break from work isn’t always feasible, there are a few things you can do to help you de-stress when your work becomes overwhelming. We’ve put together six methods to help you stop stressing, and the best part is you don’t even have to leave your desk.


Music is an easy way to get your mind off of the work you have to do. Take a music break, or listen to music while you work. Listening to your tunes makes your work day go by faster, and it also keeps you upbeat and happy while working. If you are stressed, try listening to music that is linked with happy memories for you. This can help relax your mind and remember a happier time.

Stress at Your Desk 2


Deep Breathing

Everyone knows how important deep breathing is to help you stop stress in its tracks. However, not many people practice it. When you feel stressed, take a breathing break. Inhale and exhale to your full lungs’ capacity. As you exhale you can say a positive mantra or affirmation. If mantras aren’t your thing, just number your breaths as you breathe. Numbering your breaths can take away your jumpy thoughts you may have.

Reach Out to Friends

There’s nothing better than talking to someone who cares. Reach out to one of your friends if you are having a bad day. Talking to someone familiar, or making plans for after work can help you relax. While it may seem distracting, getting your mind off of work can actually help you become more productive when you return to it. Make sure to limit your conversations to five or ten minutes so you aren’t ruining your workday.

Take a Drink Break

Need something calming? Try taking a tea break. Tea is a great way to warm up your body, and the warmth and gentle steam are soothing to a tired body. When work becomes increasingly hard, give yourself a few minutes to enjoy a nice cup of tea. It can be made at your desk, and it gives you time to reflect on your day while drinking it.

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Clean Your Desk

For those who have messy desks, it is time to switch your tune. A cluttered desk leads to a messy mind, which turns into more stress on your plate. Take a few minutes when work becomes stressful to turn off your computer monitor and clean up your desk. No one should let their desk become too cluttered that it leads to an overwhelming or anxious feeling. This small break to clean helps your productivity levels.

Hand Massage

Do you type a lot at work? Your hands and wrists probably ache throughout the day. This can lead to a feeling of exhaustion, which doesn’t help you work at all. There are many benefits of massage, and a hand massage is no different. Start at your thumb and work your way up to your wrist. The hand massage increases blood flow to the area and makes you feel more energized.


How to De-Stress At Your Desk

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