Easy and Quick Ways to Prepare Yourself for a Virtual Skype Interview

Unfortunately, when it comes to landing a job, there’s more to it than just sending out your resume and immediately getting hired for the position. Sometimes you need to go through rigorous aptitude, compatibility, and skillset testing before you get hired, and sometimes you need to go through a series of interviews.

Now that you’ve got your interview lined up, you’ve learned that the meeting is through Skype because the company is out of your city, and maybe you’re applying for a remote position. If you’ve never had a Skype interview, you might not know what to expect. Here are some suggestions.


In the Days Before the Interview

The days leading up to your interview could be a bit nerve-wracking for you. You might spend a lot of time thinking about how difficult the meeting is going to be or if you’re ready. You also may find yourself stressing about possible interruptions. Don’t worry, remain calm. Here’s what you need to do before your interview.

  • Do Company Research: Before your interview, it’s essential that you spend a good amount of time researching the company. Ideally, you should know it inside and out so you can prove to those conducting your interview that you care enough about the position to do your research.
  • Prepare all Questions: Throughout the duration of your interview, it’s likely that you get asked what questions you have. If you prepare your questions ahead of time, you should be able to ask three or five of them. Keep in mind that the interviewers could answer questions you have during the interview, so you should have additional ones prepared so it doesn’t look like you weren’t paying attention.
  • Get Rid of “taylorswiftfan18”: If you’ve never had a Skype interview before, there’s a good chance that your Skype username is geared towards something that suits your personality, or that you like. Before the interview, update any names and usernames to reflect a professional adult.
  • Test the Application: There’s nothing that could be more awkward and troublesome than experiencing technical difficulties as you’re having an important job interview. You can never guarantee that issues won’t arise, but as long as you’re prepared, you can prevent them. Consider doing a test call with a friend or family member so you can make certain that your audio and visuals are working. Also, that’s a perfect time to spend a few minutes getting to know the application if you’re new to it.
  • Carefully Select Your Spot: One of the most important parts of your interview is going to be the spot you choose. You shouldn’t sit in front of anything that takes away from your professionalism, or in front of anything that’s going to pull the distraction away from you. The area should be clean, quiet, and also have good lighting. If you live with roommates, try asking them if they wouldn’t mind leaving the place to you for an hour, or you can ask your local library if they have a private room for an interview.

The Day of Your Interview

You’ve gotten everything prepared in the days leading up to the interview, and now you’re ready to have it. So, what do you do to finalize your set up on the day of the meeting? Keep reading.

  • Wake up a Few Hours Before: You might not need to commute to the interview, but that doesn’t mean you should sleep until an hour before it starts. You need time to get ready, drink your coffee, eat, and feel refreshed. You should be in the right mindset for your interview, and time allows that.
  • Put Your Pants on: This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s Skype, and maybe you want to be like the popular YouTube stars who wear sweats on the bottom. It’s nice to be comfortable during your interview, but if you get dressed for the occasion, your brain psychologically prepares you for the meeting.
  • Prepare Your Location: Finish any last minute clean-up and area preparation that needs to get done, and have a glass of water close to you. There also shouldn’t be any pets wandering in the background or barking loud enough to distract your interviewer. Make sure that you have a pen and paper with you so you can take notes where they’re needed.
  • Be Ready: The clock is ticking down, and it’s almost interview time. Get your computer set up and ready for your interview, and review your pre-interview notes and questions one more time. Make sure that your vocal chords get warmed up if you haven’t talked before your meeting. You should have Skype up and running at least ten minutes before your interview starts.

Congratulations! Now that you’ve successfully completed your first Skype interview, you can send a gracious thank you email to the interviewer. That simple email gives you the opportunity to reinforce any of the key points that you made in your interview. Make sure you remember not to send too much, but do send one. The next thing that you can do is relax. You did it, and it probably went great. Good luck!

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Easy and Quick Ways to Prepare Yourself for a Virtual Skype Interview

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