Eight Jobs Extroverts Out There Can Master

The majority of people fall under two types of personalities – the quiet introverts and the social extroverts. When you have a different personality, you’re going to be better suited for specific jobs. Extroverts thrive on being in social situations and having contact with other people. Because of their tendency to socialize, there are particular jobs that extroverts can ace like the role was made for them.


Public Relations

Gathering your energy and directing it towards telling stories can be a great career move if you’re an extrovert. You can get the chance to communicate, socialize, and even work with a team of people who have the same personality that you do.


It’s not an easy feat to be a teacher; especially when it comes to teaching teenagers. You need to make sure that you are organized, confident, creative and in control of groups of approximately 30 teenagers or kids. Being a teacher requires developing interpersonal relationships with many of the other people that you work with, and it can even lead to promotions.


It definitely takes an extrovert to be in the spotlight. While it’s not impossible for an introvert to do, being in front of a massive crowd or on camera can give almost anyone a taste of anxiety. Performing on stage isn’t easy for anyone, but the spotlight draws extroverts in. Extroverts tend to enjoy being the center of attention, and there’s no better way to achieve that than by being an actor.

Sales Representative

If talking to a wide variety of people for extended periods and sometimes being called to present in front of a crowd of people sounds like something you might like, being a sales rep might be the perfect role for you. You can draw energy from your daily interactions and even use the competitive streak that many extroverts have to reach your targets.


Being a nurse requires optimal interaction and interpersonal skills. As an extrovert who thrives on social interaction, it’s likely that you are going to master your bedside manner before anyone else. While you might have to work long days, deal with messy situations, and keep calm under pressure, you’re always going to have a compassionate bedside manner that is going to make your patient feel comfortable, respected, and safe.

Event Planner

If you’ve ever thought of what it’s like to plan an event such as a wedding, you’re probably an extrovert. You are going to manage relationships with clients, photographers, caterers, venue representatives, transport companies, and much more. If you’re a type-A person, the challenge is going to push you into hosting the best event that your client has ever seen.

Event planning covers a broad range of scenes, but all require someone who has great people skills, enjoys being in social situations, and who can be compassionate and understanding when planning events such as a funeral.

Human Resources Officer

Working in human resources isn’t easy. You spend your days supporting people, helping them, and dealing with all of their workplace problems. When you aren’t speaking with them, you’re going to be working on policies that help people interact with each other. To work in human resources, you need to be extremely comfortable with talking to people that you don’t know. Mostly, it’s not a job for those who shy away from talking to others.

Regardless of if you’re an introvert or an extrovert, everyone has the perfect job out there—it’s just a matter of finding it. Once you learn your strengths and weaknesses, you can work on seeing what career path is best for you while you work to overcome your shortcomings so that they turn into strengths. Everyone has the capability of changing. If you want to be more extroverted, start with smaller tasks until you feel comfortable with speaking in front of a group of people.


Eight Jobs Extroverts Out There Can Master

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