Employee Motivation: How to Get the Most Out of Your Millennial Staff

Employment reports have shown that the majority of the workforce is now made up of millennial staff, and the number is only going to rise. It got reported that by 2030, more than 75% of American positions should be filled by millennials, which makes it even more important to motivate them, encourage them, and get the most out of them that you can. You can use these suggestions to drive your staff towards success.

Provide Flexible Work

Generation Y, or most commonly known as millennials, appear to be more accepting of positions that offer a flexible work schedule. Whether you’re providing remote access to work from home, meeting childcare needs and demands, or allowing staff to swap calendars with each other freely; flexibility is very valuable.

Promote Interaction

Reports show that generation Y love getting feedback on any ideas or thoughts as a way to call attention to and reinforce everything they’re doing. Millennials got used to working at a computer and are typically quite technologically savvy, but promoting an interactive approach to work could be very beneficial. Encouraging your employees to collaborate on projects could lead to higher and more creative productivity, as well as a welcoming and healthy atmosphere.

Personal and Vacation Days

The generations before millennials have found working to be a thing of necessity, and something that came naturally. However, that’s not the case for millennials. The lack of fulfillment that they’ve found in the workplace has led them to seek it elsewhere, which means that providing your staff with generous paid time off makes the work time more productive. When your staff members know that they can schedule time off to do the things they enjoy while still getting paid, workplace productivity increases and sick time and turnover rates decrease. Who wants to leave a position that offers you everything you need?

Welcome Social Media

Many employers worry that employees are using their phones too much while working and that it is pulling them away from their tasks and creating a distraction. Instead of thinking of it as a negative, try considering the fact that you can harness your employee’s social media skills for the marketing of your business. Think about asking your staff what they like the most about companies they can reach through social media platforms.

Provide Consistent Training

As stated above, millennials are known to value feedback more than other generations. They work hard and look towards your company to provide the tools and knowledge that they need to further excel at their position. If you want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your generation Y staff members, then boosting morale with positive feedback and offering plenty of chances to learn is the way to do it.

Keep Projects Challenging

Many millennial employees believe that there isn’t as much opportunity for them in the workplace as there is for other generations. If you provide your employees with projects that challenge them and stimulate their creative thought process, you’re heightening their chances of developing new skills and feeling more at home in their position. It also keeps things fresh instead of having them work on a project that they’ve done over and over again.

As times change, it’s essential that standard workplace ideologies change, too. Small changes can get implemented into your company’s structure that allows room for millennial development, creativity, and high productivity. Consider the fact that millennials are the future of your business, and making sure that they have what they need to do the best possible job is a small price to pay to confirm success. If you aren’t sure that any of these suggestions are going to help, try holding meetings with your current generation Y staff members to see how they feel about their position, and what could be done to increase their productivity.

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Employee Motivation: How to Get the Most Out of Your Millennial Staff

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