End of the World: Will It Happen?

Many people believe that the world is going to end. Due to this, majority of them keep on panicking and buying goods that they can use. However, there is really no need for you to worry regarding spending money to purchase all those stuff because it will be the end of the world (you will not need that).

All of these are based on prophecies and just been peddled by some evangelist who aims to sell their books.


Here are the reasons why majority of people believe that there is ‘end of the world’ because of the so-called signs that end of the world is coming.

  • Some people believe that the blood moon prophecy says that Jesus will come to kill all the people. With this kind of prediction, some people believe that the recent eclipse, which happened last 2007, assert that the world will come to its end.
  • Large Hadron Collider will unleash big black hole. This assumption indicates that once the black hole has been opened up, Satan will step up through it. It will create ultimate destruction to the earth as well as to the entire universe.
  • Asteroid will wipe out all the life on earth. Some gossips make disputes about some large asteroids that have been here years ago. It then creates fear to the world of internet. Lots of fake sites and numerous prophets also arise. However, the NASA announced that there was no evidence about it. According to them, no asteroid will come and destroy the world.
  • Moon will be the cause of some volcanic eruptions and bring deep destructions. Some people believe that the moon will loom very close to the earth wherein it will cause big wave to have volcanic eruptions and people will suffer from lots of disasters in its surface.
  • The stock market will collapse. There are some people says that the stock market will collapse and most of the banks will close, the cars will crash, planes will fall out, and the government will disintegrate.

Having all these kinds of anticipations, these people who believe in the end of the world believes that the final judgment is coming. Lots of people are now assuming the end of the world is near and people need to prepare themselves.

On the other hand, some people believe that the end of the world comes into two kinds of notions and is very different. People define end of the world as the last day of earth, day wherein everything on the surface of the earth will be destroyed such as the humans, trees, animals, houses, buildings, as well as the evil ones will no longer exist- everything will come to its end.


However, because there are still people who strongly believes in God, this day will just happen in different reasons.

  • The God create the world and everything in earth- all is included in his highly divine plan. With his plan, many lives are connected to one another and make it a whole universe. Due to this, God will not allow to make this day happen and defeat the purpose of God.
  • The God and Angels in past 4.5 years create lots of efforts to bring back the life of humans and provide it with lots of intentions and lead the humans to evolve in spiritual and physical order and have immortal life. Furthermore, God will never allow that the world He created will be destroyed.
  • People considered God as Merciful. Even though God punishes humans who have sinned, he did it to help the humans be devotional and prevent the hatred or any animosity. Human sin is not the basis of God to get mad or angry, decide to wipe out the world, and destroy his own divine plan.

Since the beginning of the earth, there are already lots of predictions and rumors about the end of the world. As an example for this is, during the year 1999 up to now, some people constantly provide their predictions that the world will come to an end on the 21st day of December 2012 since it is the last day of Mayan cycle of its calendar.

But no one can actually provide and conclude that there is an end of the world, and no one knows when it will happen. The last judgment day serves as good news for the humanity. It is because it is both mentioned in the Qur’an and Bible. However, this kind of events has just been described in different kinds of religions.


In Mark 13: 31-33 Jesus Christ said that heaven and earth would pass away, however, the words will not pass away. When the time comes, no one knows what will happen, and all you have to do is pray and watch since no one really knows when it will happen. In this kind of reference, Jesus wants people to listen to his words since even angels do not know when it will come.

People who use some secret formula or shall we call it black magic or whatsoever, just to learn when the end will come or simply tell the whole world they know when it will happen gives no assurance. End of the world that is being described in the Bible books of different religions will really come. However, no one knows about it since only God can tell when it will happen. The prophecies of people should not be considered as your guide, instead, believe in what GOD tell you.


End of the World: Will It Happen?

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