Why Entrepreneurs Should Write Op-eds

As an entrepreneur, you are consistently wearing multiple hats: salesperson, human resource manager, and bookkeeper, while keeping an eye on the competition. But one great – sometimes under the radar – technique for outreach and growth is to publish opinion pieces on your expertise. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:


More Potential Sales

Think of the op-ed as a free advertisement. Opinion pieces are published based on the content you are providing. But in addition to having your name in the byline, the place where you’re published wants to show why your opinion matters. To highlight your expertise, they might include your website, email, and other background information.

Your op-ed can focus on the services you offer to your customers and why. Explaining complicated concepts gives those you are looking to reach confidence that you are the best person to help them with what they need. If they really want to speak to the best, they should talk to you, because you had a vetted op-ed in a publication they respect and trust.

Your Employer and Employees Have More Confidence in Your Abilities

By asserting yourself and highlighting your knowledge, you gain the confidence of your employer, putting yourself in a position for a promotion. In many cases, employers encourage their staff to put themselves out there because it reflects the strength of the organization. Current clients like to see it because it gives them confidence in who they are working with, and it could lead to more opportunities for the company, which is why leaders want to support people who can make this happen.

In large and small organizations, you may be managing multiple people and not always have a close, personal relationship with them. Op-eds show your staff that you know what you are talking about, giving them faith in the work and feedback you are providing. They also want to work harder for you in order to make a good impression.

You Gain Respect from Colleagues in the Industry

Whether it is law, technology, or yes, even public relations, there are those who know what they are talking about while others do not. By marketing yourself through the use of op-eds, you can gain respect from your colleagues and show you are one of the more capable people in the industry.

This is particularly true for areas where it is hard to let your work speak for itself. But op-eds are a great way to show your knowledge and even give your colleagues something to think about. While they may not always agree with what you have to say, they can be impressed you had the confidence to say what you believed.

It Keeps You Up to Date on What You Need to Know

The world moves fast, and the way business is done can change quickly. Writing op-eds forces you to research the changes occurring in your industry, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Whether it is new technology, understanding what other businesses are doing to attract customers, or a change in the way products are being sold, this is information you need to know. Once you do, you can adjust your practices to meet these changes. Then you can write about why you did it.

Entrepreneurs are only successful because they love what they do. Writing op-eds can show why they are so passionate and driven to succeed. It can also help them reach the markets that need to know about their business, while showcasing their talents to colleagues and competitors in the industry. Even though it may sometimes take a few hours out of a busy day to get your thoughts on paper, the benefits are unquestionably worth it.


Why Entrepreneurs Should Write Op-eds

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