Fashion Meets Business: Guide to the Top Fashion Magazines

Everywhere you look, you can spot the world’s most beautiful people on the cover of fashion magazines, but what you might not realize is they hold some of the strongest advertisements for international businesses. Each magazine offers something different and targets a broad demographic. From the current trends to haute couture and everything in between; you can find it between the sophisticated and artistically designed pages of a fashion magazine.

If you are interested in a career in fashion, journalism, advertising, print, and more, you are in the right place. Below is a simple guide to the world’s most successful and lucrative fashion magazines; all of which are consistently looking for fresh members to add to their business team.


Harper’s Bazaar

If you are searching for the hottest and newest looks from designers that are in demand all over the world, Harper’s Bazaar brings you just that. With a layout and sophistication that is geared towards the stylish person, the magazine introduces 10 issues a year and displays fashion with class and intrigue.

Harper’s Bazaar has a full, online media kit that provides information on advertising material content, contacts, brand extensions, and much more.

Vogue Magazine

Vogue Magazine is probably one of the world’s most renown fashion magazines, and you are likely to have spotted your favorite celebrity on the cover at every newsstand you’ve gone to. With American, French, and Italian editions, Vogue is your optimal fashion resource and offers more than just your fashion, designers, trends and favorite personalities. You can also keep up to date with world news, culture, and global entertainment.

If you are interested in working for Vogue Magazine, or advertising with them, you can find source information via their main website.


If you are like many others who take an interest in following along with what designers the celebrities are wearing and what trends they are keeping up with, InStyle Magazine is a perfect fit for your tastes. InStyle publicizes the personal style and choices of some of the world’s most famous people and provides you with an insider’s guide to not just their fashion, but their beauty and home life, and offers thirteen issues per year.

Meredith Careers is the powerhouse company that does the hiring of full-time, part-time and interns for InStyle Magazine, and their information is readily available through InStyle’s main website. You can also find information for advertising specifications as well as ad choices on their site.

W Magazine

W Magazine brings you an elegance that is unlike any other fashion publication, and it has won awards for its display of fashion photography on numerous occasions. With pages that target a wide range of women, you are sure to find an interesting read and colorful depictions of fashion. W Magazine publishes twelve issues per year, so you are always kept up to date on the current trends.

There is a lot of diversity in W Magazine, and they have outsourced their hiring and advertising to Conde Nast. They are a premier media company and are known for producing high-quality content for their brands. Conde Nast also does the hiring for Vogue Magazine, along with other major magazines such as GQ and Wired.

Whether you are new to fashion, a designer looking for inspiration, a brand seeking advertising, a photographer, writer, or reader, there is something in these magazines for you. These magazines also offer electronic versions of their issues so you can access them through your smartphone, tablet, Kindle or other devices and signing up for your subscription online is a breeze. The wide sense of accessibility makes it easy for you to navigate the pages, and find out the information that you need to start your publishing, advertising, writing, designing, or fashion career. Who knows, we could be looking at your work one day!

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Fashion Meets Business: Guide to the Top Fashion Magazines

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