Five Happy Tricks That You Can Use to Boost Morale and Reenergize Your Workday

Work is called work for a reason, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good time while you do it. Many studies suggest that those who enjoy their job are more successful and more prone to climbing the corporate ladder. However, an incredible 85% of employees in America aren’t fully engaged at work, and actively seek other employment because they aren’t enthusiastic about what they do. You can use these suggestions to help brighten up your workday and bring a bit of fun into the workplace.

Puppy Overload

Studies completed by organizations such as the Alliance of Therapy Dogs show that dogs in the workplace can help to reduce stress levels, boost morale, increase productivity, and even improve teamwork. There are plenty of animal shelters and Humane Societies that have visiting dog programs available for the workplace; though make sure that you consult with your company, first. Not all businesses are going to be able to welcome animals into the environment.

Try a Success Chime

Many people know that in most cases, people get driven by recognition. Everyone wants to get recognized and congratulated for succeeding in a task, and that doesn’t change in the workplace. Consider setting up a success chime in your office. When you or someone else on the team completes a project, gets a promotion, makes a sale, or another accomplishment, you can ring the chime and everyone claps. The bell helps to boost morale and can encourage teamwork.

Bring in a Workplace Toy Box

The majority of people learn on a kinesthetic, auditory, or visual basis, so having a professional toy box in your office could help those who learn better when touching or moving. Items such as fidget spinners, slinkies, stress balls, and pipe cleaners can help to reduce stress, and even improve focus and retention levels.

Hourly Two Minute Exercise

When you work in an office, there’s a good chance that you’re sitting for the majority of the day, and that’s as detrimental to your health as smoking is. To help get you moving, try setting the alarm for the top of every hour, and have your colleagues join you in a two-minute exercise break. You can do jumping jacks, planks, walk around the office, or climb the stairs, just as long as you get moving. The exercise reenergizes you to get through the rest of the day and helps to clear the mind.

Take Time to Dream

Just because you are always busy at work, that doesn’t mean that you’re productive. In fact, most studies suggest that employees who take time for themselves during the workday are more productive than those who just continuously run through task after task. Taking a few minutes out of your day to think about where you are in life and where your career is going to take you could do a lot of good. Instead of focusing all of your attention on your list of tasks, you’re letting your mind wander. Giving yourself the time to dream and focus on your future goals not only allows you time to clear your head, but it also gives you time to relax and breathe in between your projects.

You don’t need to sit around and wait for your employer to offer you ways that you can enjoy your time and get further engaged in the workplace. Implementing unexpected, but approved, workplace activities are going to boost morale, improve the productivity of you and your colleagues, and might even make it so you look forward to getting up each morning and getting to work. Just remember that it’s crucial that you consult with your management team before starting any activities. Getting approval ahead of time can make sure that you don’t get yourself into any trouble.

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Five Happy Tricks That You Can Use to Boost Morale and Reenergize Your Workday

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