Five Marketing Tips You Can Use for Your Small Business in 2019

The majority of small businesses have constrained budgets, so marketing your services, brand, and products successfully can be challenging. From social media campaigns and email marketing to branding, pricing, and strategy, it’s often difficult for entrepreneurs to excel at marketing while simultaneously growing the business. You can use these tips to improve your marketing in 2019.


Focus on Powerful Marketing Channels

There are countless channels that you can use to promote your business. However, using all of them is ultimately a waste of your time and effort. The best suggestion is to try out different platforms and campaigns to find ones that work in your brand’s favor. If you own a small fashion boutique, focus a lot of your marketing attention on local SEO and Instagram.

If your plan is to network, it’s always suggested that you look at it as a way to make new friends and not close business deals. Using LinkedIn is a powerful tool to promote your business and network at the same time. Once you develop a circle of business friends, word travels and customers come to you.

Use Email Marketing

Studies completed in a 2019 email addiction report show that 83% of people prefer to receive company marketing via email. It’s an incredibly effective way to stay in touch with current and expected customers.

Website popups can be used to collect the email addresses of your potential customers, and you can use free trials, giveaways, and coupons to lure your website’s visitors into sharing their contact information. You can use automated email marketing tools to save you time by sending out emails to your entire customer list. If you have a new product launch, advising current and potential consumers through email can drive them to your website.

Promote Your Best Content

Even if your business has a constrained budget, don’t allow it to deter you from running a paid campaign, or promoting on social media. It’s suggested that you take the time and gear your marketing towards your best content and top-selling products. Keep an eye on your marketing trends and how specific channels are performing. If you notice that your technique isn’t drawing in a customer base, it’s possible you need to try another platform.

Tell Your Unique Brand Story

When you produce your business’ content, you need to set a goal to develop an audience for it. Creating a unique brand story with the use of captivating and emotional words can really help represent your brand as well as connect with your customer base.

Keeping your brand’s voice unique and consistent assists with building a strong connection with your audience that’s going to keep them following along with your company. Taking advantage of your social media accounts is a great way to interact with your audience and keep them captivated at the same time.

Use Video Updates

Visual content is a significant marketing trend in 2019. Multiple platforms allow you to create videos and live streams to promote your brand and products. Social media algorithms are always changing, so it’s imperative that you create content that’s interesting enough for your followers to stick with. As an example, you can take your top-selling product and give your audience a short video that explains how it’s made, how you came up with the idea, and even offer a giveaway.

As a small business entrepreneur, you need to establish a solid reputation by creating quality marketing content. Promoting your content via multiple channels is going to reach more potential clients, and show that you are both helpful and authentic. So long as you are consistent with your marketing tactics and monitor the success and trends, you’re going to come out on top.

Description: Marketing is tough for small businesses on a budget. Use these five tips to help you make the most of your money.


Five Marketing Tips You Can Use for Your Small Business in 2019

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