Five Necessary Things That You Deserve from Your Work

Everyone knows that there’s no such thing as the perfect job. Even those who love their job to no end can find something that they dislike about it; that’s why you receive compensation for the time that you work. However, while you might not enjoy every detail of your job, there are a handful of things that you do deserve from your career, regardless of what it is and who you are.

You spend a large amount of your time at your job. It’s time away from your family and friends and invested energy, and while you might get paid to be there, you still deserve a trustworthy environment. Here are just a few of the things that every employee should ensure they have at their workplace. If these factors are missing, it might be time to look at different companies.


Safe, Supportive, and Structured Environment

The most basic and primary entitlement to every employee is support and safety. There is absolutely no excuse for walking into your workplace and not being able to be your professional, authentic self. You shouldn’t need to worry about harassment, hostile comments, cruel criticism, or feeling uncomfortable when you’re at work.

Everyone deserves respect, and you need to ensure that you work for a company that supports a culture that isn’t toxic. As a team member, it’s your right to head into work without having to worry that someone is going to stab you in the back, talk badly about you, or throw you under the bus.

If you find yourself in uncomfortable and unsafe positions while you’re at work, ensure that you direct the issue to the appropriate resources. Those resources typically involve your boss or human resources. You might come across instances where you feel afraid if the situation is dire. Speak with someone that you trust and have them accompany you to the ideal resource that can target and fix the issue at hand. Ensure that you’re never threatened at work, and if you see that someone else is on the receiving end of bullying, make sure to report it.

An Encouraging Boss

When it comes to your job, everyone has a work best friend. Outside of that best friend, your manager needs to be your greatest ally. Your manager has been hired because of the experience that they have, and their duty is to help you with your professional development, as well as making sure that you have everything you need to complete your job. They need to provide both support and guidance.

There might come a time where your manager doesn’t provide the support that you need. If you find that they are undermining your accomplishments, are condescending, or offering unconstructive criticism, it’s okay to know that you are entitled to more. Your boss doesn’t need to be your biggest fan or cheerleader, but they need to be professional, supportive, and in your corner at all times.

Understanding of Life Outside of Work

As with the majority of Americans, work takes up a significant part of your life, but it’s still just a part. You deserve to work for a company that understands and respects the fact that you have a life outside of work. You shouldn’t have to deal with constant emails and calls when your team knows that you’re away or on vacation. A solid employer is going to encourage you to have a life outside of work, because reports show that it actually makes for better work results. If you feel like you get a guilt trip when it’s time for your vacation or you have a family emergency, maybe it’s not the right company for you.

Appreciation of Contributions

Regardless of the job that you have, or the role that you play at the company, there’s a reason that your position exists and it needs to be respected. Your job is important, and it doesn’t matter if you’re the janitor or set up in the swanky corner office. Your work shouldn’t ever have you feeling worthless.

When you leave work each day, it’s crucial that you leave knowing that everyone respects the contributions you’ve made to the company you work for. No, that doesn’t mean your boss is going to throw you a celebratory party each week. It does say that there’s nothing wrong with feeling valued, heard, and respected for the time, work, and effort that you bring to the table.

This all relates back to a supportive working environment. If you leave work feeling down on yourself, or feel like your role isn’t necessary, or like it isn’t going to matter if you aren’t there, something is wrong. It’s important that you isolate where that problem is coming from, and approach the issue with your boss or your human resources department.


Even if you feel like the work that you’re doing isn’t making a massive change in the world, you are still entitled to feel fulfillment and a sense of purpose from your position. Maybe you spend your work days ensuring that everything in your office runs smoothly, you can find satisfaction in the fact that your colleagues have an easier time thanks to you. Maybe your ability to assist your clients gives you a greater sense of purpose. Whatever it is, a meaningful career is different for each person. It’s essential that you find at least some personal satisfaction from the career path that you take, this helps to ensure that you stay on that path.

Work is work for a reason. That means it’s not always glamorous, fun, or enjoyable, and that’s why you get a paycheck. Regardless of that, getting paid isn’t everything, and it doesn’t mean that you have to deal with hostile or toxic work environments that don’t provide you with the basic essentials of safety and comfort that every person deserves to have. You spend a lot of your life in the office, so what you deserve is far more than enough money to pay your bills and rent each month. Don’t allow anyone to sway you from believing that you don’t deserve the few things listed above just because you get paid to do the job. Money isn’t everything, and it’s essential that you’re happy with yourself and your career.

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Five Necessary Things That You Deserve from Your Work

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