Five Tips You Should Always Follow When Preparing for Your New Job

Think back to when you when you were in school. If you were like most people, you had your outfit picked out, your backpack ready to go, and the names of your teachers and classes written inside of your planner. When you’re starting a new job, it doesn’t help to approach the first day in the same way. Your first day is likely to be stressful, so being prepared and waking up well rested is the best thing you can do. Here are some other tips for your first day.

Pick Out Your Outfit

Many people think it’s best to go out and buy a sharp new outfit for their first day at a new job, but it’s typically not the right approach. Understandably, you want to look polished and professional, but keep in mind that you’re going to be dealing with a lot of new things, and some extra pressure. The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable. It’s suggested that you set out something classic and professional where you can feel comfortable and confident. There’s always a chance of getting distracted by an itchy shirt or blisters from new shoes, otherwise.

Don’t Pack Your Lunch

You might think that this sounds crazy, but there’s logic to it. Even if you plan on packing a lunch every other day, your first lunch hour should be used for professional socializing. Sometimes, your manager might offer to take you out to lunch to celebrate, but if they don’t, it leaves you open to going out to lunch with your new co-workers. On the off chance that all of your colleagues are brown-bagging it, suggest going out to lunch with your new cubicle-mate. You can offer to pay, and it opens the door to a flourishing workplace friendship. Just ensure that you pack healthy snacks to get you through the day, too.

Don’t Plan to Be On Time

Not showing up on time is another case where you might think it’s crazy, but showing up on time on your first day is never suggested. You should always show up at least half an hour early. By leaving for work early, it gives you that extra time to make up for any traffic congestion or subway issues. Additionally, showing up early shows your boss that you are motivated and excited to start your new position. It allows you the proper amount of time to get settled at your new desk, introduce yourself to some new co-workers, and even spend time jotting down what you want to accomplish during the day.

Come Prepared with Small Talk

There is nothing worse than dealing with the awkward silence that usually comes after meeting new people. Unless you’re naturally the life of the party, this might be a common occurrence for you. Preparing small talk the night before helps to eliminate the risk of that happening. Come up with a couple of general topics that you think are interesting, and use them as conversation starters to get to know your new colleagues.

Remember Why You Took the Job

Before falling asleep the night before, take a few moments to remember why you accepted the position. Regardless of what your reason is, write it down somewhere and keep it with you; it’s going to help you stay motivated when things get tough.

Starting a new job isn’t easy. There’s a lot of pressure that comes with meeting the expectations of your boss, giving a good first impression, learning everything there is to know about your job and meeting a bunch of new people. Usually, it all happens on the same day, too. The tips above are there to provide you with some fundamental ways to prepare yourself, so you don’t go into your first day believing that you’re going to fail. Above all else, be confident in your abilities, your performance, experience, and most of all, yourself.

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Five Tips You Should Always Follow When Preparing for Your New Job

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