Five Ways to Help You Unwind After Work

It’s no surprise that work is sometimes the most stressful part of your life. Recent studies have shown that the number of people who are bringing work stresses home with them is growing. If you find that you are having issues keeping your work life out of the home, you can use these five tips to help you switch off after your long day at work. Some of them might even surprise you.

Get a Hobby

Sitting on the couch with a glass of wine and Netflix after work might sound like a great way to silence your workplace worries, and that’s fine; however, try something that causes you to be more productive.

Finding yourself a hobby that you can stick to is going to give you something to do and think about outside of work.

Don’t Talk About Your Issues

Everyone believes that one of the best ways to deal with difficulties is to find someone that you can talk your problems out with. While this concept is often valid, it doesn’t work when you talk about your workplace problems inside your home.


If you bring your problems home with you to become normal dinner table chit-chat, it’s going to consume you and leave you with no safe space away from work. Additionally, your partner probably doesn’t care that Tiffany from human resources emailed Carol back last, which was so wrong.

Get a Different Perspective

It’s not uncommon to get wrapped up in the stress and anxiety that work can cause, and sometimes talking to someone new can help, so why not a professional?

There are a variety of routes that you can take concerning getting help. You can visit your local general physician, or if you’re just looking to chat to a professional here and there, you can find many resources online that offer anonymous help through chat; many times these resources are free.

Chat to Your Boss

If you aren’t feeling healthy, happy, or performing to the best of your ability while at work; it’s best for your supervisor to know. If you are stressed or unhappy, you won’t be as productive as usual, and that can lead to more stress on your shoulders.

Try pulling your supervisor aside for a one-on-one talk to inform them of what’s going on—they might have a solution for you. It can be as simple as lessening your workload for a brief amount of time, or it might involve human resources and taking time off. Either way, there is no need for you to keep everything bottled up inside; just don’t uncap the bottle at home.

Reassess Your Job

If your job is making you feel tired, sad, unhappy, and stressed and has no reward that comes with the negative effects, you might be in the wrong field. There is entirely no shame in looking into a career change, and people take that step all the time—but don’t jump ship too quickly.

While it’s great to be hasty, it’s best to consider every avenue possible before you decide to tell your boss and leave. You need to ask yourself two important questions before you do: what is it that makes you happy? And how can you make your income while preventing yourself from getting a migraine? If you are considering a path that allows you to combine those two questions, then you might be on the right track to workplace happiness.

Just remember that it does cost money to live, so it is best to have something lined up before you leave, or make sure that you have enough savings to cover your expenses.


Ultimately, the most important thing for you to remember is that while working is necessary to pay the bills, it’s just a job. Your mental health is much more important; you only get one brain. In the tips provided above, it’s recommended that you start from the top and work your way down until you find the one that works for you. If you immediately jump to something drastic, you might end up feeling worse than you already do.


Five Ways to Help You Unwind After Work

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