Four Fictional Characters with Great Business Traits

Many movies and TV shows are centered around fictional locations that have many things in common with the real world. For example, in The Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is a government, there are health care policies, there are businesses, etc.


This is done for viewers to draw parallels to their own world and for them to feel a sense of immersion. While this provides a great entertainment experience, there are also lessons that can be learned from these fictional pieces, which can be applied to reality. One of these is the kind of traits that can lead to successful business operations. Check out the below list of a few of the great business minds of the DC and Marvel universes, in addition to their admirable qualities.

J. Jonah Jameson’s Determination

J. Jonah Jameson (JJJ) is a staple to the world of Spider-man. The editor-in-chief at the Daily Bugle is one of the most recognizable characters in any iteration of Spier-man’s adventures. At first glance, you may be repulsed by JJJ’s boisterous behavior; however, his kind of determination is the reason why businesses such as KFC exist, as Colonel Sanders never found success in the business world until he was well over 60 years old! JJJ may give Spider-man a hard time, but the determination and the investment he’s willing to put into capturing the web slinger is the kind you need to keep going in the face of the storm.

Cat Grant’s Honesty

Cat Grant, who is known as “The Queen of all Media,” is the founder and CEO of CatCo Worldwide Media, a media giant in the world of Supergirl. In any of DC’s works, you may initially be led to believe that Cat is no more than another wealthy person that has no respect for those she employs. However, there is more to Cat than this and one of her defining traits is her honesty. Not only is she willing to highlight when an employee has done a good job, but she is also willing to offer detailed constructive criticism, which is necessary for personal improvement.

Many persons, including business leaders, are not willing to be completely honest with those in the workplace as they fear offending others. Sometimes, things need to be said and done to foster improvement, and whether you’re a business decision maker, or a regular employee, honesty can go a long way in molding the environment you work in for the better.

Nick Fury’s Focus

Using Nick Fury is cheating in a sense as the organization he runs, S.H.I.E.L.D., is not a business in the traditional sense. However, the sheer focus of Nick Fury on his objectives is second to none in the Marvel universe. There’s a popular expression known as “eating the frog,” which means that a person is prepared to do a task that doesn’t particularly excite him/her in order to achieve a certain outcome.

Nick is the embodiment of this and a reminder that you need to stay focused on your objectives and not allow external obstacles or mental barriers to cause you to detract said focus.

Lena Luthor’s Moral Code

Lena Luthor is the blood relative of two of the DC universe’s most corrupt individuals. She is the daughter of Lillian Luthor, and the sister of Lex Luthor. Living in a world where the public branded her as a criminal based on her family’s past is no easy task. However, Lena not only rebranded the business her brother left, but she also shifted the business’ objectives, so the technological developments were for the good of humanity.

Even when she was on the wrong end of exploitation, betrayal, and more, she never lost sight of her ideals and her humanitarian spirit. The idea of a business is to make a profit, but sometimes you need to realize that the ethical decision is the right one to make.


Four Fictional Characters with Great Business Traits

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