Four Great Pieces of Software for the Workplace

Technology is the driving force behind a lot of workflows that exist today. Processes have been revised, jobs have been created, and some jobs have even been made obsolete as a result of technological advancements. A lot of these changes are as a result of software.

Software systems that enhance business processes are continuously emerging, and so you may not be able to keep track of the numerous systems and their purposes. Below is information on four pieces of software that can be beneficial to your workplace.


Microsoft StaffHub

Microsoft did a great job with this application as the administrative overhead included in schedule creation and communication is eliminated. Note, that only users with certain Office 365 licenses such as the E3 tier can access this application.

StaffHub is a mobile application that is available on both Android and Apple platforms. It allows designated administrators to set work schedules for each team member. The team members are notified of changes through the app, which allows them to view assignments, request shift swaps, and even to communicate using the built-in instant messenger.


Basecamp is a web-based platform that has mobile application counterparts for Android and iOS devices. It is a great solution for keeping track of tasks assigned to various team members.

The administrator creates a virtual team by adding the email addresses of the individuals to be added. Once this is done, tasks can then be assigned to each team member using a to-do list. Each to-do can be viewed independently with all the instructional details provided for the completion of the tasks. These to-do areas allow for text updates (which can be used to communicate) and file uploads where necessary. To-do’s are removed from the active list once they are marked as completed, which prevents clutter.

Note that all activities that are relevant to a team member generate an email alert, which is sent to said team member. Replies to e-mail alerts for to-do’s update the corresponding records in Basecamp.


F.lux is a free program that exists purely for the protection of the eyes when using computer screens. Based on how it operates, it is only useful if computer systems are used during late hours.

F.lux uses the machine’s time to decide when to adjust the screen by adding a yellow tint, which neutralizes harmful blue light. This tint is faint at first, but it strengthens in intensity as it gets later. This is because it is assumed that less light is around at certain hours. F.lux can be easily switched off from the taskbar and the tint intensity can be adjusted if necessary. Note that there is also a F.lux mobile app available for Android users.

Treesize Free

Treesize Free is an incredible piece of software that does analytics on the entire folder tree on a given drive. Whether you are an IT person or not, using Treesize Free gives an overview of the proportions of space consumption. This is done in order from the largest folders and files to the smallest.

Treesize has an administrator version and a regular version. Installing the application allows you to use either. The regular version allows use in scenarios where user accounts do not have administrator clearance. This version simply allows users to view space consumption. The administrator version allows the deletion and movement of files from within the Treesize window.


There is no shortage of superb software systems available that can boost the productivity of your business by offering solutions to simple and complex problems alike. It is in your best interest to identify and make use of any such software solutions that enhance or support various job functions.


Four Great Pieces of Software for the Workplace

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