Four Ways You Can Encourage Your Team to Do Their Best Work More Often

As a solid boss, it’s likely that you want to help your staff perform at their best all year long. The majority of successful bosses focus on creating challenging goals, use the best delegation practices, and run effective team meetings. However, focusing on how you energize and motivate your team is just as important. You might not realize it, but you play a vital role in how motivated your employees are on a daily basis. Research has been done on “relational energy,” and shows that the energy of someone else can severely impact your own.

You can use these four tips to help you become a more energetic and encouraging leader.


Keep a Positive Attitude

Positive attitudes are highly contagious, so it only makes sense that your team members are going to react better to your positive vibes. It’s highly essential to make an effort to maintain positivity on a consistent basis; even if you’ve had a bad day. Being supportive, optimistic, encouraging, and gracious towards your staff can fix a lot of underlying issues you might not know are there. As an example, if you disagree with a team member’s idea, don’t discourage them by shooting it down. Take the time to express your gratitude for their effort, and bounce ideas off of one another to find common ground.

Get to Know Your Team on a Personal Level

Encouraging bosses don’t just tell their team what to do; they also focus on building reliable, professional relationships with them. Take an interest in your employee’s concerns, emotions, well-being, happiness, and make sure they know you’re present when speaking with them. Let your staff know that you’re in it with them, and not just there to be their boss.

Share Your Passion

If you’ve ever had a boss that seemed like they don’t care about anything, you know how harmful it can be to a team. Studies suggest that successful leaders aim to get in touch with the aspects of their job that they are most passionate about. Share the excitement and passion that you have for your position with your staff by communicating personal goals, interesting projects, and even missions that your department has. If you are transparent about why you enjoy your job, your team is going to get on board and share that excitement.

Never Stop Learning

Energizing and encouraging leaders never miss an opportunity to teach their team something, or to learn something for themselves. Creating an intellectually stimulating environment in your department has a lot of great benefits. Be open to receiving feedback from your team while you share your expertise and knowledge of the area you work in. Encourage your team to engage in honest conversations that benefit everyone. Your team is also going to be appreciative when they see that you want them to take the time to learn more about their position and that you care about their future at the company just as much as they do. All great bosses aim to have their employees grow and flourish in the department that they work in.

As a bonus, if your employee takes in enough experience to get a promotion, that doesn’t just look good on them, it showcases your motivational and leadership capabilities. It’s a win/win.

Ultimately, everyone is different, so what motivates one employee might not motivate the one sitting next to them. If the above tips don’t seem to work, and you aren’t sure what you can do to help encourage them, it’s best to ask. You can show that you’re well on your way to being an encouraging leader by ensuring your team has everything that they need to succeed. The work that your team does is a direct reflection of your management. If you don’t care, there’s a good chance that your staff members won’t either.


Four Ways You Can Encourage Your Team to Do Their Best Work More Often

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