Four Ways Your Work Wife/Husband Makes You a Better Worker

Whether you want to call them your work wife or husband, work bestie, or your office mate, it doesn’t matter. When you have a close friend and someone to collaborate with at work, it heightens the experience, helps you to appreciate your work, boosts morale, and they even encourage you to work harder. Here are four ways having a work spouse can make you happier and more successful at work.

Happiness Boosts Productivity

When you have a thriving social life at work, you are going to quickly find that you’re happier and actually enjoy spending your time at the office; thus making you a better employee. When you are feeling positive, your brain functions better, which enables you to focus on the tasks that are assigned to you. Employees who are feeling down in the dumps tend to be more lethargic and have minimal productivity.

Work Friendships Lead to Great Collaborations

You and that one particular person at work get along for a reason. Not only are you great at spending breaks together, but you likely work well together, too. Collaborating with someone that you trust, understand, and share a page with is hugely beneficial in an office environment. Work friendships help to promote cooperation amongst team members and also leads to innovative ideas.

Friends Can Help You Upskill

When you have a close friend that works at the same company as you, spending time together is beneficial for you both. Even if you work in separate departments, the time spent together both on and off the job leads you to learn more about other departments of the company. Having a close friend in another department gives you access to a professional support network that you otherwise might not have.

Someone Has Your Back

Close friendships can bring out the best in you and lead to more productivity. When you share a job with a good friend, you are more likely to take risks, suggest innovative ideas, and even look into leadership opportunities because someone is there to support you and have your back. There is always safety in numbers.

Having someone supporting you also means that you’re more likely to go for promotions that you would have otherwise ignored. With your work spouse/best friend encouraging you and lifting you up every step of the way, you’re more likely to chase after your professional dreams and become the employee that you’ve always wanted to be.

Even if you’re shy, it’s always best to look for someone at your work that you could get along with. While you don’t need to be best friends out of the office, having someone that you can rely on during the 40 hours each week that you spend at work could feel like a promotion in itself. Besides, no one likes to eat lunch alone.

Do you have a best friend at work? If so, what are your favorite things about them?


Four Ways Your Work Wife/Husband Makes You a Better Worker

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