How to Get More Clients for Your Freelancing Business

According to a study completed by Upwork, there are over 55 million Americans that currently work as freelancers. That number represents approximately 35 percent of the American workforce. The increase in freelancing work doesn’t just revolve around the recession, though it does play a part. It also rotates around advancing technology. The ability to work remotely has made freelancing a lucrative career option that many people didn’t think of a decade ago. If you want to ensure the sustainability of your freelancing business, consider the following tips to get clients on your roster.

Have Face-to-Face Meetings

When you’re running a freelancing business, there’s a massive chance that the bulk of your clients are going to be out of state, and possibly even out of the country. However, meeting face-to-face does allow for a more personal relationship with the client, and that can benefit you. If you find yourself visiting a city or a conference that you know one of your clients are attending, think about suggesting meeting up for a cup of coffee.

Use the Phone

One of the benefits of freelancing is the ability to work whenever you want and communicate through email instead of the phone or office. While those methods do work, they don’t always allow you to gain a personal understanding of your client’s personality. Suggest having a conference call at least once or twice or maybe during your meeting with a potential client. The human interaction could help develop your professional relationship.

Connect Clients and Freelancers

There are going to be times where a potential, or current, client of yours requires a service that you don’t provide. It would be valuable to you to offer your client the contact of another freelancer who does deliver what they need. That freelancer is going to remember your action when they’re in a similar situation. Developing a secure network of freelancers is a smart business decision.

Continue Professional Relationships

Projects always come to an end at some point, but when they do, it’s important not to write off the client just because they don’t currently need your services. Try following up with your previous clients to see if they need your services again, or to let them know of additional services you’ve added. You could also send a holiday card or a friendly email. You should get more work by building and maintaining stable relationships.

Continuous Marketing

There are times where it feels like there are not enough hours in the day to finish what you need to do. However, even when you’re busy working on projects, it’s essential that you keep up with your marketing. You should commit to one to three marketing activities a week and hire additional freelancing staff if your workload becomes too much. Updates to your portfolio and website, emailing a potential client, and responding to job ads are all suitable forms of freelance marketing.

The tips that you’ve just read could help you with keeping busy and doing what you can to avoid the biggest drawback of freelancing: unpredictable income. There are factors such as market conditions, your lifestyle, and the economy that play a part in how much you make as a freelancer. Regardless of the circumstances, when you’re attracting and retaining your clients, you’re likely to stay ahead of the game.

What tips do you have for freelancers looking to attract clients?


How to Get More Clients for Your Freelancing Business

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