How to Get Through a Work Burnout

Burnout at work is a lot more common than you think. If you feel like every day becomes increasingly hard at work, this is a normal feeling. Your day to day job can exhaust you, and you may feel overwhelmed while working. This feeling of being dragged down every day could mean you are suffering from burnout at work. Burnout is described as being emotionally and physically exhausted. It can happen in any aspect of your life, but many of us experience it at work. When you are experiencing burnout at work, don’t panic. Pushing your burnout away can actually result in worse outcomes later. Follow these three steps to work through your burnout.

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Take a Break

One of the most common ways to restart your brain is to take a break from your work. Taking a real break from work can be like a jumpstart to your system, and it can help you cope with your burnout in a healthy way. If you have vacation days saved up, take a real vacation. Leave your city and don’t think about work while you are gone. However, if you can’t afford to get away, take a leave of absence from your job for a couple of days and don’t think about work during this time.

Learn to Say No

Perhaps the biggest reason people suffer burnout from work is they don’t say no. When too many tasks pile up throughout your day, it is easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged. To prevent yourself from going into burnout, or help yourself work through burnout at work, learn to say no when someone asks for something. There is a polite way to say no to people, which won’t affect your standing with them.

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Positive Thinking

Another way to work through burnout while working is to think positively. Burnout is often reinforced through negative thinking, and only positive thinking can break the cycle of burnout. There are many ways of positive thinking, and some of them can be done right at work. Simple meditation, deep breathing, and using affirmations can help you work through burnout. Try thinking positively about your future by visualizing and using affirmations throughout the day. When you are currently suffering from burnout, learn to reward your small victories.

After finishing a task, reward yourself with something small like a dessert or social media time. Keep the rewards small and simple enough that they don’t interfere with your productivity. Positive thinking can help stop burnout in its tracks, and it can prevent it from happening again.

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How to Get Through a Work Burnout

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