Man Goes Searching For Family History, But a String Reveals Something Incredible

As you age, you don’t usually go searching for secret treasure that may or may not be hiding in your childhood home. However, that’s what one man does the second he turns 80. He takes his own family on a wild ride.

You simply can’t make this stuff up, and he really is one of the most adventurous old men out there! If you want to see whether or not he finds secret treasure, you can’t miss out on this story.

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One Man

One man has held onto a secret for his whole adult life. But when he realizes that he is aging faster than he hopes, he knows he has to find out whether the secret is true or not. This leads to a wild goose chase.

Could a treasure still be there after nearly a century? And, if it was there, what would he find? Only time would tell whether or not this was a real thing.

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Rudi Schlattner

Rudi Schlattner has lived a very good life. Now in his 80s, he was ready for a little bit of adventure. But, no one could have imagined it would have led to this. As a boy, he had a lot of adventure in his life.

However, it wasn’t always the best adventure. In fact, he lived in a very war stricken area, and it had its lasting effects on Rudi. It was very hard for him as he went throughout his life dealing with that stress.

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A Childhood

His childhood started out as a very happy one. He lived with both of his parents and his siblings. One of his favorite activities was playing in his front yard of his home, surrounded by the neighborhood kids.

It was back in the day where it seemed like you had nothing to fear. However, then a tragedy would strike that would change everything for Rudi.

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War Hits

His childhood went from great to bad when war hit his country of Czechoslovakia. He was now living a childhood unlike anyone else. It was constant fighting around him, and they were afraid they’d become a casualty of war.

Rudi’s father and mother knew they had to do something, they just weren’t sure what it was that they could do. When war hit them, they had to get out before it killed them.

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Fleeing Together

That’s when they decided that they had to get out of there. Though they loved everything and where they lived, they wanted to survive. So many people had already been killed, and it was only going to get worse.

The family decided that they had to flee, and they did it together. People were either going to the USA or Germany, and this family decided that they would go to Germany. It was closer, and it was harder to go to the United States.

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The Crazy Journey

It turned out to be a very crazy journey. It was unlike anything they had encountered before, and they knew that it could be the need of them. As they fled the war-torn country, they crossed their fingers and hoped that things would be different.

Rudi saw his childhood home and life disappear, but they left with the hope that they would one day come back to the home and live there again.

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A Happier Life

When they got to Germany, they felt a sudden lift of pressure come off of them. It was a relief. Everything was much easier and much happier. It seemed that things really would turn out for the best.

He lived his life to the best of his ability, and soon enough, his childhood home became a distant memory. But in the back of his mind, he always held onto a secret that his father had told him about.

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Loved All Around

Rudi had a great family. As he grew up, he married and had children of his own. It was a very happy life, and though the war had effects on him, it wasn’t enough that he let it ruin his life. It turned out he would be happy after all.

Everyone who knew Rudi loved him. He was such a happy soul that was a kind person and always willing to help others. That’s why this story is so great.

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A Beautiful Family

Out of everyone in the world, his family loved him the most. His children and grandchildren meant the world to him, and they were celebrating him on his 80th birthday. Rudi had no idea that this birthday would change everything.

As he looked around to his family, he felt a warmth within him. They were all so great and kind, but they held a secret of their own that they didn’t tell Rudi.

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An Idea

Rudi was in the gutter when it came to the secret. No one told him the idea that they had, which made his face and surprise all the better. However, they had all got together and planned a trip.

They wanted Rudi to have that moment of going back to his hometown. They weren’t sure where it would lead, but they wanted to experience some type of joy and fun with him while he was still around.

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Tickets to Czechoslovakia

His children decided to gift him with tickets to his hometown. This was something that had been in the works for a long time. All of his children wanted to see their own heritage, but they especially wanted to see where their father was from.

That’s what sparked the idea, and soon, the idea came to fruition. It would turn out to be one of the most incredible journeys that he had ever gone on before.

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A Homecoming

As soon as he stepped foot back into his own country, he sobbed. It was such an incredible feeling to be back there and to see everything that had changed. Since it was no longer stricken with war, he could appreciate the beauty.

It brought up a lot of old feelings, but most of them were good. He was able to get comfy in the surrounding air like he had never been able to do before.

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One Idea

While he didn’t tell his kids, he had an idea. As soon as they had gifted him with those tickets, he started to wonder. It became all he thought about as time went on. Would he be able to see his childhood home?

And, after all this time, would it still be there? Would it have been bulldozed down? He had to know the answer to those questions.

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A Secret Kept

He kept it a secret because he didn’t want to get his own hopes or anyone else’s hopes up. However, he knew in his soul that he had to see it. Even if it was just the land that he used to play on, he wanted to go.

That’s when he told him family. They were all on board, but they didn’t know the real reason behind wanting to go back to his house and see everything.

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His Father’s Secret

As it would turn out, Rudi’s father had kept a secret for years. It was only when they got older did his dad tell him what it was. As soon as that had happened, Rudi had a desire to see if the secret was true.

Rudi’s dad said that he had hid treasure in their old home. At first, Rudi didn’t believe it. But, they had left so much behind that it made sense. Would the treasure still be there?

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Treasure Untold

He wasn’t sure what was in the treasure, he just knew that his father had hid valuable items somewhere in the home. This treasure was what stirred Rudi to want to go and check it out. Who knows what would lie in there?

The only thing that would give him those answers was if he could go to the home and find out for himself whether or not there was real treasure there. But it had been so long, and Rudi worried about it being gone.

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Going to the Home

Of course, his family wanted to see where their father had grown up, so they agreed to go to the house. It would be there that so much mystery would be uncovered. As they drove to the home, Rudi was nervous.

He tried so hard not to get his hopes up, but it was difficult knowing that there could be buried treasure hiding in the attic that he had never seen before! He tried to control his emotions and reign them in.

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No Longer There

Unfortunately, as Rudi drove up to the home, he was disappointed. His home was no longer there. It wasn’t something that looked similar to his old house at all. The sadness started to set in.

However, then he looked a little bit closer. It seemed that there was something about the place that oddly reminded him of his home. Could it be they had kept a few items or found the treasure themselves?

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Redone and Rebuilt

Rudi found out that it had been redone and rebuilt into a school. However, they notified him that there had been a lot of renovations. Rudi noticed that they didn’t say that the home as bulldozed down.

They had said that there had been renovations! He got very excited as he readied himself to ask the question that he had been thinking of. Could it be the same house after all?

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Foundation Remained the Same

He asked the owners of the school whether or not the home had been torn down at all. When they said that there had been renovations, they meant that the foundation had stayed the same.

The house was the same size and shape like always, and they hadn’t touched anything structurally. Rudi felt like he could fall to his knees with happiness! This was an incredible thing to witness.

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Lots of Memories

Just looking at all the walls gave him so many memories. He happily told his children all about his life in the home, and they were thrilled to hear so much about how he grew up. It would seem everything was right in the world.

But, the real reason Rudi went wasn’t to take a trip down memory lane. He was after treasure, and he wouldn’t stop until he knew he had found it.

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Something Else in Mind

Though he loved seeing the home and all the memories that laid there, he had something else entirely on his mind. the idea of treasure was so exciting for him that he couldn’t wait to see what was there.

He tried and tried to beat around the bush, but he knew he had to tell his family. As soon as the tour was over, he had to tell them about the treasure.

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An 80 Year Old Dream

As it would turn out, this was Rudi’s dream. He had never told anyone because he thought the idea of going back to his home country was far fetched. They were never rich growing up, so he knew that it would be tough to afford it.

When they gave him the tickets to his country, he was so excited that after 80 years of living, he got to make his dream come true.

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Could There Be?

Since the foundation remained the same, he questioned whether or not there could be treasure hidden somewhere in the house. Unfortunately, he had no idea where it could be.

If you hid treasure, where would you hide it? It would have to be really secretive to last in that spot for so long. Plus, Rudi didn’t know if one of the previous owners had found it and thrown it all out.

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A Family Affair

If anything, this had to be a family affair. This big social event had to be something that everyone would participate in. plus, with him being 80, there is only so much that he can do. He needed everyone’s help.

Unfortunately, this is a pretty strange thing to ask. Would it be the right thing to get knee deep in a house? He would have to ask the permission of the owners, and he wasn’t sure how they would respond.

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Asking to See

Rudi worked up the courage to ask them whether or not he could see the house and search for something that he had hidden as a child. He didn’t want to get too in depth about the content of the items.

While they were a bit hesitant, they said yes. The owners assured Rudi that the home had been renovated quite a few times, so it was unlikely that they didn’t find the treasure a long time ago.

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Searching the Home

Though it may have been unlikely that the home was still full of treasure, Rudi searched like there was no tomorrow. He knew that they had to find where this treasure was hidden. After coming to this country, it would be a disappointment if they didn’t find it.

He searched the home as well as he could. It seemed that there would only be a few places you could hide something so special and hope that no one would find it.

You won’t believe what they are going to find.

No Idea Where it Was

The problem was that he had no idea where it was. His father had told him that there was treasure in the house, but he never told him where he had hidden it. And with fleeing from the war, it seemed even the father may have not remembered where he had hit it.

Rudi knew that his father was clever, and you couldn’t hide treasure just anywhere. It had to be somewhere where there would be a lot of space.

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Finding the Attic

Rudi thought that the most obvious place to put treasure would be in the attic. There would be a lot of storage in there, and most people don’t immediately tear apart at the attic. It was the most logical.

He asked for entry into the attic, and up he went. Though it was a bit hard maneuvering up there as an 80 year old man, he was determined to find the treasure and bring it back!

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Supposed Item

His father had told him that he had hid valuable treasure in the home. It was supposed to be a cache of family valuables, and he knew that he wanted to find it. Rudi wasn’t in it for the money, but he wanted a piece of his childhood back.

When they fled the war, there wasn’t that much that they could take. They were running for their lives, and it was a very stressful situation. They would pack up and go, ready to take charge.

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At first, Rudi is disappointed. As he goes up to the attic he finds that it is as empty as can be. There’s nothing up there, and in fact, it’s in miraculous shape. It looks like the whole attic had been redone.

Surely, if the treasure was in the attic, they would have found it. But, he guessed it was hidden underneath the wood somewhere if it was still there.

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A Strange String

They went around hitting on the wood to see if they heard anything weird on any of the baseboards. Every piece of wood made the same sound. Until, one made a different sound. As Rudi looked closer, he saw something.

It was just a small knot, but he pulled it and found that there was a strange string attached to this piece of wood. Could it mean anything? Would it lead to treasure?

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No One Else Noticed

No one else had noticed that there was a strange piece of string hanging from the wood. But, Rudi noticed. He found it and knew that there had to be more to the story, right? He almost didn’t want to tell the others.

This was a family affair, so he knew he had to. He called everyone over to look at this string. It seemed so unassuming, so fragile.

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Had to Be

Rudi knew that this had to be the piece of string that held all the mysteries. As he scoured his memory, he even remembered his father saying something about a string leading to the treasure.

But if the string was so old, he had to be careful. What would happen if it ripped out of the wood? The treasure would be lost forever.

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Pulling on it

Rudi did what everyone wanted him to do, he pulled on the string. At first, nothing happened. Then, the wood opened up! Rudi was shocked. The piece of wood led into the skylight of the home.

And when he opened it up, you can’t believe what he saw. Was it empty or was the treasure there, right in front of him?

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Incredible Items

That’s when he saw the incredible items there. This was more than just some treasure, this was his family history. Rudi started to tear up. How could there be so much here? And what was it all?

His dream had come true and he had finally found the treasure that his father had told him about. However, it was crazy that it would be found after all this time.

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All Wrapped Up

As they looked at the items, they saw that it was all wrapped up. Everything was in tight boxes or wrapped up in brown paper. It all looked so unassuming. Could there really be something valuable in there?

As far as Rudi was concerned, it was all valuable. He just wanted a piece of his childhood back, and he hoped that this would give him all the answers he needed.

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More Than He Thought

There was so much there in front of him. When his father had said that he had hid treasure, he assumed it was going to be a small cache of jewelry or things like that. However, it turned out to be so much more.

There was so much that he knew he couldn’t move it all himself. And in fact, he was almost worried about touching it. If it were so old, he didn’t want anything damaged.

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What to Do

It would seem that he would have the perfect conundrum for himself. He didn’t want to leave it all behind, but he wasn’t sure what to do with it. He didn’t want anything damaged. Plus, he didn’t live here, so he needed someone local to help.

Was there someone like that? He wasn’t sure who to contact for a job like that. But, the owners of the school had an idea of who to contact.

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Contacting a Museum

They suggested that he call a museum. The museum would be interested in anything that Rudi didn’t care to have, and they could date everything and catalogue it for him so he knew exactly what it was in there.

When he contacted the museum, they were more than happy to help. They thought it was a very exciting story and tale, and they wanted to do their part to help out.

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Dating and Cataloguing

They went through everything and started to date and catalogue it all for Rudi. They hired the best people they knew to move it because they knew that this could be fragile precious items. Since it was so old, it was bound to break easily.

Thankfully, they hoped that the paper covering and packaging would help to keep the items in tip top shape. It would only tell once they unwrapped it all.

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70 Packages

When it came down to it, there were over 70 packages! This was much more than a small treasure chest, this was a whole ship! There was so much that it took them a while to get through it all.

But the more they unwrapped, the more special things they uncovered. In fact, they couldn’t believe how much was there.

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The first thing they unwrapped were dolls. These were precious dolls at the time and they were all china dolls. Considering how well they were in shape, it was clear that the father had chosen a good spot for the goods.

These china dolls were like looking into the past, and Rudi couldn’t believe it. He was so excited to see some of the toys they played with.

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The next thing they uncovered were hats and other clothing. Rudi held up his clothing and was astonished with everything there. He couldn’t believe how much they had left behind. It brought back all the memories of the war.

Since they had left so soon, they had to leave even basic things like clothing behind. Of course, they had always hoped to return. But this just goes to show how precious little things like clothes were.

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Skis and Others

They also found skis! It is really cold in Czechoslovakia, and they had skis in the winter time. This was an activity that Rudi had enjoyed while he was a child, and the skis were very old! It was incredible to see them.

As it would turn out, those skis were vintage. They were in amazing shape and could get some good time in a museum or some good money out of them! But the mysteries don’t stop there!

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One funny item that was left behind were cigarettes. These were extremely vintage now, and probably not any good, but it goes to show that they really believed they were coming back!

The museum was actually fascinated with the fact that there were cigarettes here. This was because they don’t sell the type like this anymore, and it was such a great look into history.

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Umbrellas and Others

Among other valuables, there were also random things like umbrellas and photos. Rudi loved the photos the most. He really wanted a glimpse into his childhood, and he got that. While his parents had took some previous memories, a lot had to be left behind.

They had to flee, and that meant they couldn’t take more than a suitcase or so each. The umbrellas were random, but it still made everyone smile.

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Knew the Home Well

This is where Rudi wondered how this had been missed so much. But, it goes to show that his father knew the home very well. In fact, his father had built it all. That was really great because he knew that he had a secret compartment behind the skylight that no one else knew about.

It turned out to be a huge advantage because he was able to hide things away without anyone touching them! Rudi had everything he needed, but he didn’t know what to do with it all.

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A Rare Glimpse

As it would turn out, this was a rare glimpse into history. No one knew what life was like since there was so much war. When the war happened, all the history became about this. This was a rare glimpse into German life.

The museum was fascinated with everything since it was in such great condition. They couldn’t believe all the goodies that they had found, and they were ready to take as much of it as was allowed.

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Life Untouched

This is one of the only examples of this time period being untouched. People often hold onto pieces from their childhood, but it gets damaged from moves and time. These pieces were hardly damaged at all because of the care that went into storing them.

It was an incredible show that they had all lived a great life before the war. The museum knew how important these pieces were to history.

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Very High Value

While things like umbrellas and cigarettes may not be secret treasure, it’s actually something with incredible value. Since these are everyday items that history doesn’t often hold onto, the museum was thrilled.

They were going to pay a high price for all of these items so they could preserve and showcase them in their museum. It would change everything.

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Hidden German Property

Hidden German property from the war was little to none among historians. They had almost nothing because the war had destroyed so much of the history that was there. So many people had died, and a lot of homes were destroyed.

As such, most of the keepsakes from before the war were all gone. Anything that had survived was usually kept by families, and it was things of too much importance. This was perfect because it showed just how life was.

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Fled the War

The war had gotten so bad that Rudi and his family had to flee. They took the most important things with them. They took things they knew they could sell for money should they have to.

But, Rudi’s father had kept their mundane items and precious clothes, toys, and jewelry stowed away in the attic in hopes that no one would ever find it. He wanted those items, but he couldn’t take them with him.

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Hoped to Come Back

The hope was to always come back to the house. They never wanted to live in Germany forever, but as it turns out, there was too much poverty and danger following the war. By the time the war was over, they had all grown up.

As time went on, they never had the money to go back to the country and get those items. Rudi’s father didn’t even want to tell anyone because he felt so bad they couldn’t have those items to start with.

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Museums Love it

The museum that dated and catalogued it all knew how important these items were to history. There was so much that could be done with it, and museums everywhere would want these items. They were incredible.

In fact, the owners of the school were really surprised with this story. They felt that more people needed to know about this incredible treasure hunt and the history it yielded.

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Posting About it

That’s when the news started to pick up the story. Everyone was fascinated with an 80 year old man searching for treasure in the attic of his childhood home. Soon, people everywhere wanted to read about it.

The man was getting his fame, and Rudi couldn’t have taken it better. He was just as surprised as anyone else, but he knew that his life long dream had been worth it.

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Going Viral

The story quickly went viral. Everyone wanted to know what would happen with Rudi and whether or not he found the piece of treasure that he had been searching for. And we were all on the edge of our seats.

Did Rudi find the piece of treasure he’d wanted all along? Would he find it after all? Things were looking up, and he had the answer for everyone.

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Completely Unique

As it would turn out, Rudi found exactly what he was looking for and more. He was never in it for the money, but that secret item he wanted, he had found. He wouldn’t tell anyone what it was, but we could guess a few different things.

Rudi had had an adventure that was unlike anything else. It was completely unique to his history and background, and he was so excited to experience it.

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A Story Untold

The pieces of treasure in the attic tell a story untold, which was unlike anything else. Rudi got his dream, and it was all thanks to his family’s wonderful birthday gift. No one could have guessed that it all would have ended this way.

The fact that the treasure was there after almost seven decades was incredible. We’re just glad that Rudi got his happy ending after all.

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Man Goes Searching For Family History, But a String Reveals Something Incredible

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