‘Great Meeting!’: 5 Apps to Make your Next Meeting a Breeze

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve taken part in a meeting or two during your life. Even if you haven’t, it’s safe to say that everyone could benefit from a list of helpful apps that can ensure your future meetings run as smoothly as possible. Whether you’re a meeting veteran or this is your first rodeo, here are five helpful apps to check out before getting started.

Agenda Maker

Agenda Maker is the perfect app to get your meeting going. Users can make a custom agenda by creating sections and time frames that can be easily adjusted or deleted. Except you don’t have to recalculate everything if you decide to change one section; Agenda Maker does it for you. Plus, organizers can share the agenda with others attending the meeting, as well as keep track of attendance remotely. Using Agenda Maker can help to plan meetings that are organized and on task.


If you’re looking for a way to bring your whole team together, GoToMeeting is an app that can bridge the distance between members near and far. This app is available on both Android and iOS, and can be used to host/ attend video conferences. As a host, you’ll be able to have meetings at any time, and can also set up recurring meetings, share screens and keyboard/mouse control, and set up recordings for members who aren’t able to attend to access later. Attendees can join the meeting from desktop, tablet, or mobile device, and even call in with toll-free options. A well-rounded app, GoToMeeting provides users with many tools and services to rock that next meeting.


Let’s say you need to plan an in-person meeting on a larger scale. Maybe you’re looking to meet with many prospective investors or want to plan a workshop for your employees. Enter the app Sched. This app allows you to set up an agenda for your large-scale meeting and share it with everyone via email and instant messaging. Sched allows you to send email invites and reminders to prospective attendees, as well as keep track of attendance and feedback. Sched is a great option for when you want to an upscale, organized event, without the chaos that usually ensues.

Team Meeting Checklist

Once you’ve started your meeting, you want to keep it going in the right direction without any distractions. The Team Meeting Checklist was created for just that. This outline gives the organizer an overview of how to plan and execute the perfect meeting. Some items on the checklist like, “clearly defined objective is set” and “room is prepped and ready” help the meeting start off on a good foot, while others like, “everyone will leave the room knowing what to expect next” and “unfinished business will be put onto the next agenda” ensure that it ends off on a productive note.


Now that everything’s said and done, how do you make a lasting impression? With business cards of course! If you’ve had a meeting with prospective clients, you’ll want to leave them a little something to remember you by. This is where CamCard comes into play. CamCard is essentially an app that stores and organizes all of your business cards. When you scan your card into the program, it gives you the ability to share your card with others electronically, and free up your pockets from clutter and potential paper cuts. CamCard is great if you handle business cards on the regular and want to share them during or after meetings more effectively.

These are just a few of the many app options you have when planning your next meeting. Give them a try and watch your production soar!

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‘Great Meeting!’: 5 Apps to Make your Next Meeting a Breeze

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