Guide to Publishing Your Own Book: Everything You Need to Know

Over the course of the last decade, the ability to market and produce your creative desires has gotten easier. You no longer have to wait for the backing of professional content production such as producers and publishers; you can do it yourself. The advancements in technology have caused the digital distribution of books to skyrocket. Use this guide to help you understand essential elements of self-publishing before you do it.


As the author of your book, you’re taking on all of the responsibility with independent self-publishing. You’re taking on the responsibility of the content, along with all other aspects of the process. It is a difficult approach to pull off; however, it offers you a lot of advantages. You can direct your efforts and resources wherever you want because you have full creative and distribution control.

When you work with others, such as publishing houses, they control the marketing and budgeting, and you have limited say over how much gets spent on a particular method of distribution. Unless you’re on the New York Time’s Best Selling list, your publisher and editor likely won’t hear what you say. If you opt on self-publishing first, you get the chance to prove that you’re not only creative, but you have a keen mind for business instinct and intuition.


Self-publishing your book is difficult, but it is rewarding. You do need a proper understanding of marketing, distribution, and production to be successful with it. Typically, you need book printing to start the process. The most cost and time-efficient way of having your creation printed are to hire a professional who has experience with book printing. More often than not, you get cheaper rates for the more books you have published.

Once you’ve built up experience with self-publishing, it gets easier. The good thing is that the process is quite simple, even if it’s your first time. All you need to do is research book printers online or in your area. Naturally, you’re going to want to cut costs, especially as an aspiring author. However, it’s important to remember that while you can get excellent and inexpensive book printing, there are just as many that provide bad quality work. Ensure that you’re searching user reviews and doing your research before you invest any amount of money.


Now that you’ve written, designed, and printed your book, your next step is marketing it. You want your launch to be successful after all of the hard work you’ve put into it, so it takes some planning. If you don’t put a good amount of effort into your marketing, there’s a good chance your book release is going to be a flop. After all, you can’t expect your book to sell just because it exists. You need to make people aware of your novel, and you need to work, so they want to buy it.

Take full advantage of social media when promoting your work because it’s going to be your best friend. Not only is it free, but you can reach a lot of people at one time, target your demographic, and even build up a network of those who can help you with your marketing. You should direct people towards your social media as a means of communicating with you. Additionally, you can have a website devoted to you as an author, and one built as a part of your book’s marketing campaign.

Writing a book takes a lot of time, effort, and creativity. It should be something that you’re proud of and that you want to share with as many people as possible. Once your book gets written, take serious consideration and think about if it’s something that you want to share with the world. If you don’t think it’s ready, go back and make adjustments. Don’t rush your work just for self-publishing. If editing isn’t your strong suit, you can hire a freelance editor who can read your book before you look into having it printed. You won’t find any of the rewards that come with the risks if you don’t take a chance.

What advice do you have for authors looking to self-publish? Have you ever self-published your own book? If so, what measures did you take?


Guide to Publishing Your Own Book: Everything You Need to Know

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