Handy Checklist to Help You Invest in Your Career and Future

How many times have you forgotten something that you need at the grocery store because you didn’t write a list? Everyone has done it. These days, checklists seem to make or break the success of daily tasks. You create ones for jobs to get completed, bills that have to get paid, groceries that need to get purchased, but do you have the checklist for yourself? It is the most vital.

Use this guide to help you through some key things to make note of when investing in yourself.


Seek a Guide

Many studies and surveys have gotten completed with some of the most successful people in a business. The studies show that having a mentor is very beneficial. Having a mentor helps you to not just reach your corporate goals, but your personal ones, too. Mentors act as friends, also. They guide you through your career, offer you sound advice, assist with office politics and serve as your support system.

Find Your Signature Style

Appearances are not everything, but there have been plenty of reports done that show success comes to those who are comfortable in their skin. If you don’t feel good about yourself, it’s going to be difficult for you to succeed in other measures of your work life. Regardless of how much experience you have and how high your education is, confidence is vital.

Whether it be a particular accessory, lucky pair of socks, or a tie that brings your look together, use it to your advantage. Let the world see you at your best. It’s worth it to find what you need that makes you feel empowered.

Seek Your People

You might not realize it now, but networking is the fastest way to climbing the corporate chain or building a strong professional foundation. Studies suggest that more people than ever before are gaining positions based on who they know. By having a networking strategy in mind, you’re showing yourself, and others, that you’re serious about your career. As an added benefit, there are professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn that can help with your networking.

Invest in Your Education

There’s a strong possibility that you’ve already graduated post-secondary education in the field of your choice, but you shouldn’t stop there. As you grow within your career, you should continue to learn by investing in online, distance, and in-classroom courses, seminars, programs, and certificates. Doing this enables you to broaden your network by meeting professionals with similar interests, and your continuous development shows impressive dedication on your resume.

Always Have You Time

When you first start a new career or a new business, you might find that you’re working all hours of the day, and night. You probably even notice yourself always checking your phone and work email when you’re supposed to be having a break. You might not see it now, but consistently putting yourself in front of screens leads to quick burnout.

It’s essential that you don’t ignore your physical and mental health. While being a workaholic seems like a good idea, in theory, it could be very detrimental to your health and your personal life. Ensure that you’re taking scheduled breaks during the workday, giving yourself the proper amount of time for your brain to relax, and make sure you have a healthy work-life balance. That’s what keeps your engine running longer.

Maintain Your Voice

Sometimes you might find it hard to speak up during team meetings because there are a lot of people in the room, or you might not want to risk someone not liking your idea. Sources show that’s not a smart decision in business. When you make sure that you have a voice and you use it, you’re showing your peers, and management, that you care about your position, the company, and that you have a strong voice that can’t get replaced quickly. Regardless of if your ideas get used, the fact that you bring them to the table is not going to go unnoticed.

Hold onto Independence

Now that you have made a dent in your professional world and you’re working towards a career, you undoubtedly have a steady income. You might think that all you need to do is save some money, pay bills, and your rent/mortgage, but that’s not true. Make sure that you’re taking time to learn how to properly balance your finances, and use resources that are available to you. The more that you plan for the future and unexpected life occurrences, the more relaxed things are going to be.

Putting yourself first isn’t the most natural thing to do, but it is the most crucial. There’s no way that you can be a success to your own company, or a vital tool in a corporate machine if you aren’t able to prioritize yourself. Find out who you are, hold onto your voice, be confident, be smart, and allow yourself the freedom to enjoy life instead of just working it away. When you take care of yourself, everything else is going to fall into place.

What suggestions do you have for those starting their career?


Handy Checklist to Help You Invest in Your Career and Future

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