Hiring an Assistant: An Easy to Follow Guide to Making Your Career Easier

There might come the point in your career where you feel overwhelmed, and that’s natural. With today’s fast-paced environments, work can get piled up, and it can seem like there’s nowhere near enough time throughout the week to get your projects done. Instead of giving in to the stress and leaving your position, you hire someone to help you.

Hiring a personal assistant doesn’t mean you get to sit back and do nothing, it means you have someone to take over administrative duties and help with the more large tasks. If you hire the right assistant, you could excel in other areas by devoting uninterrupted time. Here are some quick tips for hiring an assistant.

Define All Job Responsibilities

Once deciding that you want to hire an assistant, you need to construct a job posting that fits what you’re looking for. If you choose to go with a generic job listing, it could bring in applications from thousands of assistants who have previous administrative experience, and that could be time consuming.

Clearly outlining job responsibilities gives you a higher chance of pulling in the right assistant for you. For example, if you are looking for someone to take over your company’s social media, you should highlight digital marketing or social media as a required skill.

Look Within Your Business First

Depending on the type of company that you work for, this might not always be an option. However, hiring an assistant from the inside of your business ensures that you get one who already understands the mechanics of your job, which saves you time and money.

Consider Virtual Assistants

With freelance and remote work on the rise, hiring a person to work in your office physically isn’t always required. If you take a look at the tasks that you need help with, there’s a good chance that you can hire a virtual personal assistant to help you complete what needs to get done. There’s a good chance that a virtual assistant is right for you if their responsibilities are phone or computer based.

It’s essential that you look at the pros and cons of hiring a virtual assistant. Some advantages include finding someone who has a personality match isn’t an issue as they won’t work with your team directly, and you likely won’t need to worry about benefits or taxes. On the con side, there’s a good chance that they have additional clients and your tasks might not always be the first priority.

Provide a Sample Project

Even if you’ve got everything you need to know from well-tailored interview questions, you still don’t see how the individual you might hire performs until you see them in action. To better understand how your potential assistant works, you should provide a sample project that shows how they would work on tasks geared towards what you need.

Follow Up With References

Every resume that you receive should come with a few references that you should touch base with. Following up with the candidate’s previous co-workers, bosses, or even personal references could paint a better picture as to what type of person they are, and how hardworking they are. Keep in mind that contacting references should only happen once you’ve narrowed your candidate pool down to a select few.

Allow Them Time to Consider the Offer

Once you’ve selected who you believe is the ideal person for the position you’re hiring for, your excitement and instinct undoubtedly tells you to call them, offer the job, and provide them with a start date. Sometimes, this could prove to be too fast for someone moving their career.

It’s not just professional, but considerate, to always give your new assistant the opportunity to muse over your offer and provide notice at their current job. Responsible workers require time to leave a job professionally and to transition. Try to think about how you would feel if one of your employees just up and moved with no notice. It could throw a wrench in projects that are on a deadline, and leave you in a tight position.

Using this guide is a great way to help you get the assistant that you’re seeking. Before you know it, your workload should get lightened because of the candidate that you’ve hired, and thanks to your careful consideration, you can rest easy knowing they’re perfect for the job.

Hiring an Assistant: An Easy to Follow Guide to Making Your Career Easier

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