Holiday Marketing Tips to Drive up Revenue

The holiday season is a busy time of year for everyone. Regardless of if you’re a consumer or a small business owner, the time of year is hectic. As a business owner, it may very well be the most wonderful time of year. Reports show that the average American spends $1000 or more on holiday food, decorations, and gifts.

When you decide to cash in on the busy holiday rush, it’s a good idea to have a marketing campaign that’s set in place specifically for the holidays. By creating a campaign that’s geared towards the holidays, you can entice your consumers into purchasing your products and services for their gift-giving needs.


To make it a little bit easier for you, we’ve made a short list of some suggested marketing tips for the holidays so you can focus on your inventory, and store preparations.

Get Your Customers Involved

Large corporations such as Starbucks use their customer’s creativity as a way to display their Christmas spirit on their cups. That is something that you can do. Suggest to your customers to submit their favorite holiday designs or ideas. You could do something as simple as creating a calendar with winning designs made by your clients. Everyone needs a calendar, and who wouldn’t want to give one that has their design on it?

Offer Plenty of Gift Inspiration

If your customers are like the average consumer, there’s a good chance that they’ve spent a lot of time just scouring the internet and wandering through aisles. Picking out the perfect gift can be hard, and when the average person receives 15 gifts for Christmas, it makes it that much more difficult to decide.

When you know your customers and their past purchases with your company, you can send out emails to help them with their decisions. Letting them know that you have specific gifts under $20, or a vast range of technology gifts that they can give to their friends and family could help. It doesn’t need to be completely specific, but marketing your products through email and social media can drive up your holiday sales.

Do a Christmas Giveaway

Customers not only love giveaways, but a giveaway during the holiday season could turn someone from bah humbug to ho, ho, ho! Whether you choose to do a giveaway during every day of December or follow along with the 12 Days of Christmas technique, the choice is up to you.

Mingle with your customers and ask them what type of giveaways they would like to have. If you’re offering services, you could give away one month free of that particular service. You could also do an advent calendar of sorts where you start the month with a smaller giveaway and lead up to something that would surely put anyone in the Christmas spirit.

Give a Holiday Deal

Statistics have shown that the majority of holiday shoppers wait until the last minute to do their Christmas shopping. While some work better under pressure, others are just far too busy to make it to the mall to buy those special gifts. If you give your clients a reason to come to your store, you could be getting the bulk of their holiday spending.

There are plenty of ways that you can offer an enticing deal to your customers. You can start off with free shipping that is guaranteed to make it on time for Christmas, and stem into sales, bonus reward points, or a buy one, get one deal.

That’s all it takes! While they may not seem like suggestions that are overly special, they definitely do justice and have stood the test of time; especially in the retail world. Use your creativity, get brainstorming with your employees, and think about what kind of Christmas marketing would get you into a store to buy all of your holiday essentials.

What holiday tactics have worked for you in the past? Do you prefer to do shopping last minute, or do you like to have it out of the way by October? Leave a comment below and happy holidays!


Holiday Marketing Tips to Drive up Revenue

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