Hot Job Markets: Surprising Cities to Look at When Starting Your New Career

The success of the job market in 2017 highly depends on the industry that you’re working in. However, it was a successful year. Many reports have been showing that the success rate is just going to get higher in 2018, and it’s going to happen in some unexpected cities. Studies have taken factors such as job availability, industry, diversity, potential earnings, community growth, and unemployment rates to determine which cities have the hottest markets. There are a few that might surprise you.

Fargo, North Dakota

While it’s true that the FX network might have made Fargo seem scary, it actually has a flourishing job market. Reports show that the metropolitan city is 80% better in the area of high-paying jobs that don’t require you to have a college degree. Additionally, it offers short commutes, a high opportunity index, retail resilience, and diversified industries that welcome new employees.

Columbia, Missouri

Over the past decade, Columbia has been showing a steady and fruitful decline in their once high unemployment rate. If you prefer to work in the technology industry, there are many jobs in that field opening up.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and who wouldn’t want to work there? Presently, Honolulu sees extreme growth in industries such as trade/construction, real estate, and law.

Oshkosh and Wausau, Wisconsin

Known primarily for the cute overalls it gave the world, Oshkosh made its way onto the list by having many available positions in the forestry industry. Also, it has excellent commutes that make traveling simple.

Wausau also has excellent commuting times, and low rental fees which are a benefit to those moving to the metro city. It currently has many job openings in the technology, sales, and accounting fields.

Ames and Des Moines, Iowa

There are many start-up software companies that are choosing to base their headquarters out of Ames, which is leading to a booming job market.

When heading towards Des Moines, the market is even hotter. The industry growth in human resources, health care, trades, real estate, IT, and insurance is setting the city up to have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.

Lewiston, Idaho

The healthcare industry in Lewiston is growing at a rapid pace. While there are various positions available in the field, the city seems to be in high demand of nurses.

Lincoln, Nebraska

Reported to be one of the best job markets for millennials, Lincoln has many positions available in a variety of fields. The current job postings seem to benefit those who have just finished school or are just finishing up.

All of the cities listed above have benefits for everyone, depending on what your needs are. However, if you’ve been thinking about moving from your current location to start on a new career path, there’s a good chance that your luck, and dream job, is hidden away in one of those fantastic cities. Good luck!

What benefits do you think are going to come with the 2018 job market? Would you ever consider moving cities if it benefitted your career? Leave a comment.


Hot Job Markets: Surprising Cities to Look at When Starting Your New Career

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