Job Solutions for People Who Have Been Permanently Bitten by the Travel Bug

Traveling around the world is something that many people wish they could do, however, financial security becomes a question when you want to start jet-setting. Studies suggest that almost 50% of the American population work so they can afford traveling to exotic destinations. You might be the type of person who doesn’t mind moving from place to place and picking up some labor/farm-hand work in your location to fund the travel, but if you’re not, here are some travel-friendly jobs to consider.

Corporate Travel Agent

Understanding the basics of traveling is extremely important when working as a travel agent. You need to have high communication and computer skills for the position, and you need to have travel experience. The travel agent role gives you the ability to venture around the world for the sake of research, and those opportunities only grow if you’re a self-employed travel agent.

Flight Attendant and Pilot

Working on an airplane is the leading go-to for people who don’t want to stay in one place for too long. Not only do you typically get the benefit of free flights or flights at a hugely discounted rate when you’re not working but when you are, you’re always out of the city. To be a pilot, you require education and specialized training, along with a background check and a passport. If you’re interested in becoming a flight attendant, you mostly need your passport, background check, and strong customer service skills.

Translator and Interpreter

If you can speak multiple languages, you’re in a job market that doesn’t have much competition but has a lot of availability. As someone who speaks French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and other languages fluently, there are plenty of job availabilities that lead you to international destinations. Teaching English as a second language is very high in demand, and while technology gives you the ability to do it remotely, you can also teach on location. Bilingual skillsets are also very appealing in the corporate world. You could get asked to travel on behalf of your company to interpret deals made between an English business and a foreign business.

Customer Service Support and Coordination

Regardless of where you go, you’re likely to find job availability in the field of customer support. That could be a great solution and opportunity for those of you who enjoy traveling on a whim. Even if you have funds saved up, there’s going to be a point where you need to work again. The customer support field ranges from retail, all the way up to dealing with customers who have post-travel issues.

Now that you know some of the leading job options that let you work from location to location, you can start packing your bags and preparing to travel. It’s always a good idea to investigate your position thoroughly and ensure that you’re able to fly, or that the business offers you the opportunity to go, before accepting the job. Do your research, select a position that’s best suited for you and plan accordingly and your next seat should be on an airplane, flying to your destination of choice.

What do you think it would be like to work at a job that lets you travel around the world? Start a discussion below.


Job Solutions for People Who Have Been Permanently Bitten by the Travel Bug

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