Did You Know There Are All Kinds of Workaholics?

What is a workaholic?

According to the medical dictionary a workaholic is, “a person who manifests a compulsive need to work, even at the expense of family responsibilities, social life, and health.”

So much as has been said about workaholics for so many years that if you consider yourself a workaholic, you probably have been the brunt of many a joke. So much as been said that there was nowhere else to go except to television to watch a comedy show called, none other than “Workaholics.”

Workaholics on Television depict three friends working as telemarketers. They work what used to be known as “banker’s hours,” (9-5.) These three friends also live together from (5-9).

Kinds of Workaholics 1


Nothing is Funny about a Workaholic

According to “Psychology Today,” there is nothing “funny” about a workaholic because a workaholic is nothing to be proud about, do you identify yourself with a workaholic?

  • Changes your personality
  • Changes your values
  • Distorts the reality of family members
  • Leads to family break-up
  • Threatens security of the family
  • Loss of personal integrity
  • Loss of professional integrity

According to “Psychology Today” you need to fully understand workaholics and exactly what this does to your behavior. Workaholics are known for,

  • Working long hard hours, causing stress, a sense of being overcome, develop an irritated personality
  • Destroys good judgment
  • Obsessed with work
  • Addicted to powerBecomes an emotional cripple
  • Working hard to gain approval
  • Working for recognition of success
  • Rushes from assignment to assignment
  • You are in forever spinning wheel of activity
  • Fixated on goals
  • Need for accomplishment
  • Important things in life wane away
  • Judgment becomes misplaced
  • Likely places unreasonable demands on other employees
  • Eventually, experiences a psychological breakdown
  • You do not necessarily have to be paid for the job you do
  • Workaholics likely have OCD/Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior
  • Workaholics are a brand of perfectionists

Never get the definition of a “Good Worker” mixed up with “A Workaholic” as there is a big difference. This one difference is that a “Good Worker” still maintains good judgment. A “Good Worker” never lets work come between family responsibilities. A “Good Work” embraces and protects themselves and personal time off work and the family. These workers add a positive note to their workforce.

Do you fit the above? Additionally, do you walk fast, talk fast; eat fast, over schedule yourself? If you do, you need some help from a professional expert of workaholics before you break apart.

If you are a workaholic, you are adding a negative impact on your workforce. You are addicted and need some help.

There are Four Kinds of Workaholics

If what you have read so far fits your character see if you also fit into one of the four types of workaholics.

1.   The Saboteur 

Kinds of Workaholics 2

If you are the saboteur type you most likely believe you are losing a grip on the things you value most in your life, like your spouse and children. You forget important dates, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays. You know you are obsessed with work, but cannot do things any differently. You can feel distracted because you are tired. You often neglect to take care of your health. When you do get to bed, usually late, you are setting plans in motion for the next work day. You start to misplace important task related items and valuable personal items.

2.   Are you a Martyr?

Kinds of Workaholics 3

Are you feeling sorry for yourself and letting others know as well? A martyr has a feeling of a sense of hopelessness. You feel as though any attempts you make to get the job done in record time are futile. At the same time, you resent your boss relieving you of part of the workload and many times as tired and frustrated as you become, you decline any offered assistance.

3.   Are you a Defeatist?

Kinds of Workaholics 4

Do you deny yourself pleasure in life and replace this with work? If you are this type of workaholic, you just do not and cannot find the time to enjoy. If you did find the time, you would not take the time because you feel they do not deserve the time. Even if you feel you deserve the time off you will not benefit from it because you are afraid your work will only pile up. You put yourself in a no-win situation.

You thrive on letting all know you are making personal sacrifices for the sake of work. You are referred to as the employee who works late, puts engagements and family on the back burner. You are ready to pick up for other employees who cannot. When other employees stress to you how thankful they are to you, this pump you up, and you like that kind of feeling. You are apt to be overcome with guilt because what you did for someone else caused you miss something.

4.   The Punisher

Kinds of Workaholics 5

Do you see that most things in your life never come easy and go around telling fellow employees, “No pain, and no gain?” There is nothing wrong with working hard to achieve success in the workplace. However, when your job becomes an addiction, you find that you become a risk taker. Do you feel you must always prove your worth through a bit more effort and hard work and feel like you are not working hard enough? When you start to embrace self-inflicted pain and work stress you start to become overconfident with yourself. You no longer can recognize your limitations. You become reckless in your job, and if this continues you put others, you work with at risk.

Everyone Yearns for Job Success

Success never means you make sacrifices for those you love, including your time off. You must find a balance between home life and recreation, and work life. You can only be successful when you figure out how you can balance your personal life with your job life.

There is something about your self-esteem and being a workaholic. If you do not get the proper acknowledgment for being a workaholic your feelings get hurt.

Just as an alcoholic, a person addicted to smoking, or one addicted to food, the addiction is genuine for the workaholic. Most times you can joke about being a workaholic, but fail really to see there is a problem. It is tough to see yourself as others see you, and you begin to make excuses for your workaholic behavior.

Shame on some Companies

Kinds of Workaholics 6

  • Being a workaholic is a Real Sickness, do you see yourself?
  • Employees and bosses applaud your long hours and hard work
  • You are encouraged to keep up the excellent work
  • You sit on a pinnacle of success
  • Your boss told you how dedicated and Committed you are to your job before anything else in your life
  • You are certainly a loyal employee with an admiration unlike any other employee

The bottom line is if you are a real workaholic to the point that you and your family is suffering it is nothing to be pleased, happy, or awarded for by your boss. It is sad that your boss does not care about you as a person or employee.

Some rewards do come from being a real workaholic, so never forget that your workaholic nature awarded you with,

  • Declining physical and mental health
  • Being a negative asset to the company
  • A broken marriage
  • A broken relationship with the kids
  • Poor judgment

Did You Know There Are All Kinds of Workaholics?

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