Learning to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business

The reality of our world today is that nearly everyone has some form of social media and people are spending huge chunks of their days scrolling through different platforms. You can utilize this new way of life to help your business flourish.


Choose the Right Platforms

Choosing which platforms to use depends on your targeted audience. YouTube is always a reliable source if your company creates video content. Facebook is now for all ages and has the highest number of people on it, so it reigns supreme for helping spread businesses. Instagram and Twitter are two very active platforms as well, especially if you have a targeted audience under 50 years old.

Stay Active

Being active on social media involves having someone available to answer messages rapidly at all hours of the day. Clients’ questions may be urgent, and if your company takes too long to respond to them, they are likely to move on to another company. Applications such as Facebook Messenger allow clients to contact your page in seconds and at any time. It is essential that your marketing team stays on top of everything, from answering messages to updating pictures and information. Remaining active is especially important when responding to criticism, you never want an angry or unsatisfied client to go around posting bad reviews on your sites, so getting back to them quickly and in a respectful manner helps avoid this.

Encourage Client Engagement

Clients love being asked their opinion on products or designs. Social media is a great way to get feedback from clients. So, it is a good idea to encourage interaction through your media platforms. Simply publishing posts that ask clients to give their input on new products helps your product development to prosper.

Create Content Clients Want to See

No one wants to see posts about your business promoting itself time and time again. The way to avoid this is by doing things such as sharing articles that your clients relate to, commenting on current events in the media, or even just asking for opinions on topics. Ensuring that the posts you make are valuable to your customers is of the utmost importance. The more someone relates to the content you put out, the more likely they are to share your social sites, which is the best way for knowledge of your company to spread.

Be Unique with Your Posts

The internet has an abundance of information on it, ranging from definitions to news articles, to companies’ business pages. Whenever someone is on their phone, they are being bombarded with ads from companies which most of the time they do want to see. When using social media for your business, you must strive to be as original with your content as possible to maintain clients’ interest. While sharing information from other pages on your platforms is fine, you also need to be creating unique content to keep your clients coming back to your pages.

Gain Followers

Social media is a numbers game. The more followers you have, the more likely your business’ name is to spread. Many companies do things such as creating contests that involve asking people to tag two friends their post and making sure all three follow their page for the chance to win a free night out in New York City. While this may seem like an easy technique, it has proven itself useful for making follower numbers skyrocket.

Using social media is a job in itself now because it means being part of the online city that never sleeps. This can work to your advantage if you follow these tips to make sure your business is appropriately using social media.


Learning to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business

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