Los Angeles Times and Other Major U.S. Newspapers Target of Cyber Attack

On Saturday, December 29th, there were massive printing and delivery interferences with the Los Angeles Times and other prominent U.S. newspapers courtesy of a cyber attack.  Other publications include those owned by Tribune Publishing such as the Baltimore Sun and the Chicago Tribune.

The Los Angeles Times stated that a source with information on the cyber attack has said that the attack appears to have originated outside of the U.S. There were disruption delays in the December 29th edition of the LA Times, Sun, Tribune, and newspapers that share production platforms in Los Angeles.

Tribune Publishing, the company behind newspapers such as the Orlando Sentinel, New York Daily News, and more, stated that they first detected the malware on December 28th.

The Los Angeles Times also made a statement saying that the West Coast editions of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal were also hit due to being printed on the same production platform.

Currently, U.S. authorities are investigating.

Marisa Kollias, a spokeswoman for Tribune Publishing, stated that the virus damaged back-office systems that get used to publish and produce newspapers across their properties. Kollias also said that there is presently no evidence that any confidential customer information was targeted.

Both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal didn’t immediately respond to requests to comment.

Jeff Light, paper editor and publisher of the San Diego Union-Tribune wrote on their website that the majority of subscribers were without their paper because the virus infected business systems and crippled their ability to publish.

Katie Waldman, U.S. Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman, stated that the DHS is presently aware of reports of cyber incidents affecting multiple news outlets, and they are working with the government, along with industry partners to correct and understand the situation.

There are currently no updates as to if the U.S. Department of Homeland Security or Tribune Publishing Co. believe this is a one-time attack.


Los Angeles Times and Other Major U.S. Newspapers Target of Cyber Attack

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