Nine Career and Business Ideas for Sports Fanatics

If you ask any entrepreneur, they are going to tell you that choosing a business that interests you is where the most success is. However, there are also as many entrepreneurs that are going to tell you that converting your favorite hobby into a business is a bad idea, and you’re better off looking for some work in that niche. If you love Sunday football, going to baseball games on the weekend, and catching up with the NHL playoffs; there are tons of business ideas that you can look into, and none of them have to do with being a professional athlete. Use some of these nine ideas to help you change your love for sports into something lucrative.

Physical Therapist

Regardless of the sport that’s being played, injuries are bound to happen. In some cases, professional athletes even have personal physical therapists at their games just to be on hand should anything occur. When injuries are substantial enough, physical therapists are required to assist players with their recovery, and that’s where you would come in. Depending on the damage, therapy could take days, weeks, months, and even years to get a player back to playing condition. While you do need to obtain a degree in physical therapy from an accredited institution, once you get it, you can open your own practice and help athletes and teams in their recovery.

Sporting Video Games

Video gaming has always been a popular hobby, but the age of technology has made it easier for everyday users to create and develop their own game. Many sports and companies such as Madden, FIFA, NHL, and NBA have their own sports-related games, and you could choose the sport you like best and create a game that you’d want to play.

Sporting Radio Stations

Life is busy, and no matter how much you want to get home to catch the big game, that might not always be a possibility for you. The majority of fans like to watch their sports on TV at home or a bar, or even better, at the arena. However, looking into a career as a sports radio host could put you in the position where you don’t have to miss game stats again. You can provide game recaps, clips, segments, and play-by-plays of the game as it’s happening. Usually, when you start out in a career like this, you might start with one or two small segments, but after enough work, it becomes a regular thing and could put you in place for further sports hosting positions.

Sports Betting

Sports fanatics love to place bets on their favorite teams and players as a chance to make the game more exciting, and as a chance to win some extra pocket money. While it’s important to remember that any type of betting you do is legal, creating friendly competitions such as fantasy football leagues allow you to bridge connections with others that share your interests. Once you’ve done you’re networking; you’re in a prime place to consider launching your own betting company website where sports fans can wager against others who share their interests while earning a profit.

Sporting Videography and Photography

No matter the level of sport that’s being played, photography and video is usually required. Parents want to make sure they have media footage of their kid getting the winning goal, and as a professional videographer or photographer, you can make sure they get what they want without having to worry about blurry images. You can also create highlight reels for them, too. All you need to start freelancing this type of business is knowledge of the game, a good eye, and of course, a single-lens reflex camera to get the best shot possible.

Additionally, these skills are highly sought after by couches, scouts, and media outlets. If you’re skilled, you could get hired on full-time to prepare game day films for local media and teams in your area.

Sporting Copywriter

Since you’re already a sports fan and you keep up with scores, teams and players, and games, it’s likely that you already have the information at your fingertips, so why not make some extra money? You can earn a great deal by starting your own copywriting firm and freelancing for your local newspaper to cover high school teams in your city, or even ghostwrite for minor and major-league clubs, organizations, and players by offering things such as sports news, features, and op-eds.

Personal Trainers

Athletes need to stay in top condition all year long, and in doing so, they need to stick to a strict nutritious diet and workout regimen. Getting a degree as a personal trainer or health coach could be beneficial, and you could start off by building up a reputation with local clients and then start to advertise to players and teams who need training and coaching assistance.

Sports Scout

As someone who loves sports, you’ve undoubtedly learned how to spot solid talent when you see it, and that’s a useful skill to have. You can use it while pursuing a career as a sports scout, where you’re required to recruit talent for both colleges and professional sports team. While you’re on the job, you get to watch the game you love, spot the players that stand out and see how they interact with the crowd. You can start off by learning the tricks of the trade at a scouting organization before you decide to branch out independently.

Public Relations

Professional and even college athletes make headlines, but like everyone else, they do have lives outside of the sport that they play. As a public relations agent, your job would be to make sure that their brand is protected both on and off the field.

As a lover of sports, there are plenty of career opportunities available for you, and not all of them require you changing your hobby into a business that you run, but the majority of them do give you that option. If working in sports is what you want to do, seek out the right training, get the right degrees, and before you know it, you could be announcing the game from above a crowd of thousands of people or introducing your favorite team.


Nine Career and Business Ideas for Sports Fanatics

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