Organizing Your Workspace and How Decluttering Can Boost Performance

Studies have suggested for years that clutter and messes can have a psychological effect on the person that’s around all of the confusion. It might seem like a joke, and possibly not that big of a deal, but experts say otherwise. When your workspace is disorganized and an overall mess, subconsciously you are going to start to stress about the chaos of your space and end up focusing on that more than your work. Keep reading to find out how cleaning up your work area can boost your productivity and have you feeling good.

Make a Good Impression

It’s not only your co-workers that get to see your messy desk, but your boss and potential clients and stakeholders do, too. Your boss might get the impression that you don’t care about your job, property, appearance, and sometimes even yourself if they see your desk in disarray. Once you clean up the space, those in power are going to feel right about your workspace and even begin to know that you do care for the position you hold with the company; and that feeling can be contagious.

Make Yourself Comfortable

When your desk is full of papers, folders, and other odds and ends, it’s not likely that you feel comfortable at the space. If your work station is full of clutter, you’ve probably felt like it was closing in on you a time or two before, and that’s because the clutter is eating up all of the space. Keeping your work area tidy can help you to feel more comfortable and relaxed at work, which can also lead to an increase in productivity. Think about it, how much work do you want to get done at a messy desk?

Boost Your Confidence

A cluttered desk undoubtedly means that you’ve lost one, or possibly more, things over the time that you’ve been at your job. Unfortunately, disorganization is a frowned upon trait in the business world, and it would have painted you in a potentially harmful light. Sure, you could clean up your desk and most likely find the lost item that your boss asked for, but it would be embarrassing to turn it after the fact. Keeping your office clean and being able to produce what your managers asked you for and when they ask for it could have them look at you favorably, and that could boost your confidence.

Improved Health

Working in an office environment is hard on the immune system and the sinuses. When you have so many people working together, it’s only logical that germs and sicknesses spread like wildfires in July. All this time you might have been blaming your co-workers for getting sick, but it could be your disorganized desk. The clutter in and around your workstation could be trapping the germs in, causing you to get the sniffles more often than you’d like.

Feel Accomplished

Everyone has lulls in their career, and it might even be something you look forward to if you have a fast-paced job. However, there’s also the chance that experiencing a “dry spell” at work could cause you to feel like you aren’t getting anything done or offering any contribution to the company you work for. By spending a few minutes cleaning your work area, you can temporarily silence those mental concerns by checking off a few items from your to-do list; even if it is just reorganizing the photos on your desk.

Beat Procrastination

There’s a good chance that you could be delaying the cleaning of your desk because you’re a known procrastinator, and that’s okay; you’re not the only person who pushes off tasks they don’t want to do. Plenty of people in the world work exceptionally well under pressure and prefer to procrastinate until the very last minutes despite the mental stresses, but some don’t get anything done at all. Instead of delaying, you can try making a plan and allocating a certain amount of time to cleaning your desk each day.

Develop Time Management Skills

Depending on how severe the situation is at your desk, it could take some time to properly clear it out and go through everything that you don’t need. Instead of looking at it as a daunting task, you can use it as a way to perfect your time management skills. Consider blocking out a certain amount of time each day so you can clean and organize your workspace. The plan that you develop could help with time management skills, which you can apply to more work down the line.

Develop Your Creativity

When your workspace is full of clutter, it’s nearly impossible to let your creativity run free. Many people use their environment as sources of inspiration when they work on a project, but if you don’t like what you see, you won’t draw anything from it. Cleaning up your space could give you access to the inspirational tools that you need to get your creativity back.

Taking the time to declutter your workplace is exceptionally important. Not only does it have everyone else feeling good about you, but it causes you to feel better about yourself. Your mood is going to increase, the way that you perceive yourself is going to change, and your workplace productivity should skyrocket.

Have you found that cleaning off your desk at work has led to a more relaxed environment and further productivity? Start a discussion below.

Organizing Your Workspace and How Decluttering Can Boost Performance

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