The Plans for Future Apple Upgrades and Releases Made for More Economical Users

The tech giant, Apple Inc. has plans on releasing a new and lower cost laptop, and a professionally-focused upgrade to their mini desktop. Even though the Mac desktop and MacBook are Apple’s longest running devices, the percentage of sales don’t match up with the long-standing run of devices, according to sources familiar with the plans.

The laptop itself is supposed to look similar to the MacBook Air, but have thinner bezels. Apple is also said to be using the same high-resolution Retina display that they use on most of their current screens. As these products are still in the development stages, Bill Evans, a spokesperson for Apple Inc. has declined to comment.

The cost of a MacBook Air is approximately $1,000 at its base model and doesn’t feature a high-resolution Retina screen. While it was upgraded with a faster processor last year, it hasn’t seen a significant upgrade in years. In 2015, the 12-inch MacBook launched to replace the MacBook Air, but the $1,300 base starting point was unaffordable; especially for a corporation who sells the bulk of their laptops to college students.

Apple is planning on launching three iPhones, one of which is rumored to be a much more affordable version of the iPhone X, upgraded iPad Pros, and Apple Watches with larger screens in the fall. Many are questioning if these updated laptops and mini desktops are going to be released in October, during one of Apple’s live events.

While Mac has been a consistent seller, and Apple Inc. has made their mark as the first company to be valued at a trillion dollars, there are still issues. MacBook’s and iMacs represent 11 percent of Apple’s sales, but loyal Apple users have made a strong line of complaints that focus on the MacBook and iMac not meeting their needs professionally. Apple has addressed the issue with promises to release a higher-end iMac Pro and a MacBook Pro with upgraded keyboard and processor. Those options are likely to cost more money.

Despite having a steady stream of complaints, Apple Inc. reported selling 3.7 million Macs in 2018’s third quarter. Apple Inc. is also lagging behind other companies such as Google, who made up for more than 60 percent of the devices sent out to K-12 educational institutions in America alone.

In addition to the lower cost laptop and desktop, Apple is looking to upgrade the Mac mini for the first time in almost five years. The desktop has no screen, keyboard, or mouse and is about $500. Its lower price has made it a favorite, and it’s also popular with app developers, and server managers. This year, however, Apple appears to be focusing on processor upgrades, more storage options, and the pro features that likely make their units more expensive.

Apple Inc. is also preparing to release their macOS Mojave. It’s a newer version of their Mac OX operating system (an operating system designed specifically for Apple products). Some of the new features of Mojave include sorting files, and allowing using to launch iPad applications such as Apple News. What does Apple have in store for next year? It looks like they are launching a brand new version of the Mac Pro, according to Apple. It’s currently the company’s most high-end and expensive Mac.


The Plans for Future Apple Upgrades and Releases Made for More Economical Users

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