Quick Guide to Asking for the Promotion That You Know You Deserve

Asking for a promotion is normal, and it’s not something that you should stress yourself over. You put a lot of work and energy into your position, and it’s only natural that you want to move up in the company that you work with. While asking for promotions is common, it can be tricky. Here are some easy-to-follow tips to help you ask, and get, that promotion you’ve worked hard for.

Tip One: Perfect Your Ask

Strolling into your meeting with those responsible for granting your promotion while being unprepared is unprofessional, and you’re likely to fail. Try spending a considerable amount of time going over why you want to get promoted, what you’ve done to deserve it, if you’ve exceeded performance expectations, and if you’ve demonstrated being ready to take on new responsibilities. Think of it as a job interview, because it is.

Step Two: Choose Your Time Wisely

Picking the right time to ask for a promotion is essential. There’s no perfect time, but there are times that fit better than others. You could consider asking during your yearly performance review, as career advancement is typically a topic. Additionally, asking when staff is moving up or leaving, company mergers and restructuring are prime times to discuss an opportunity.

Step Three: Negotiations

Don’t discuss salary numbers until you get offered your promotion. Make sure that you know your figures and understand salary numbers that fit your newest job. There are references such as www.payscale.com and www.glassdoor.com if you need assistance.

Step Four: Your Moment to Shine

During your interview for a promotion, don’t be modest about your achievements. Use it as your time to shine and list what you’re proud of accomplishing. However, ensure that you’re also giving credit to your manager and training team. Sometimes, flattery goes a long way.

Step Five: Don’t make it all about you

As part of your promotion interview, ensure that you lay out the reasons why the new position helps more than just your career advancement. Make sure that you portray it in a way that shows the advancement benefits the entire company, and your manager. What else can you bring to your department?

Step Six: Define Your Superpower

It’s likely that other staff members are applying for the same position that you are, so what makes you unique? Lay out the reasons why the promotion should go to you, and not them. It could be something as simple as expertise, certification, connections, or even a particular vision.

Step Seven: Display Commitment

Outline how committed you are to the development and growth of the team you work with. The reiteration shows your commitment to the company as a whole and shows that you want to give back to the business and your team.

Step Eight: Strong Follow-Up

Your interview closing is significant because you should want to leave your manager with a lasting impression and something to think about. Try summarizing main points, and repeating how you can help the team. Most importantly, be professional and thank your manager for their support and consideration.

The steps provided above are a great guideline to help you through asking for a promotion, but the bulk of it is going to come down to you. Confidence in yourself is going to allow you to shine during your interview process, and show that you have the ambition to move up in your career. Unfortunately, there might be times where things don’t work out. If that’s the case, follow up with your manager and ask how you can acquire more skills. Good luck!

Quick Guide to Asking for the Promotion That You Know You Deserve

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