Quick Guide to Real Estate Agents and What to Look For

Nowadays, it seems like almost everyone is getting their license in real estate. With so many people getting licensed, it makes it difficult to know if you’ve found a good one, or if you’ve found one that’s left to their own devices with no training. In order to avoid being a practice client, you can use some of the tips suggested here to ensure you’re getting the realtor that’s right for you.

Go Local

While it might seem tempting to go with a real estate agent from another district, simply because you can usually find discounts, it’s not always a smart decision. To be blunt, discount realtors aren’t doing much of anything to get your property off the market. Sure, they are still going to get a commission, but if it’s not as high as another, they’re not going to focus their attention on it.

When you hire a realtor from your area, you’re ensuring that the agent knows the area well enough to advise on value, competition, and they won’t have issues finding the property. In addition to that, they’re also going to be helping other home buyers in the area and could lead them to your property. A local agent is even going to be able to meet up with you at frequent intervals.

Look for Good Reputations

Real estate agents with good reputations tend to care more about their career than just the commission check. That’s going to be a benefit for you because you know that the agent is going to do what they can to make it a good experience. In addition to that, you know they are going to have your best interest.

Researching real estate agents in your area is an excellent way to find out who is highly rated, and who isn’t. You can look at online reviews for the brokerage firm that you’re interested in, and even consult with your friends and family members to get some extra advice. Being able to trust your agent is going to help the process of your real estate venture.

Active Online Presence

The internet has made it much easier for potential home buyers to look at listings online. All they need is an email address, and they can sign up for virtually any listings site for free. The real estate agent that you’re considering should have a very active presence online; otherwise, you can bet that they’re missing out on a lot of possible action.

When your potential agent is active on social media, you know that they’ve taken the time to claim their name, and they’re serious about what they’re doing. By making it easier for home buyers, and sellers to find them, they’re broadening their network and making it easier to expose your home to buyers.

Additionally, it’s also good to look for a realtor who has their own website. It allows you to get to know them and shows that they are looking to stand out from the rest. Also, you can see what experience and credentials they have, and the other listings that they are currently working with.

Flexible Schedule

Many real estate agents get into the business because of the flexibility of the schedules. Unlike many other careers, they don’t work a strict 9-to-5 job. An agent with a flexible schedule is going to understand that life is busy for you, too, and not just them. They are going to work with you so that way you don’t have to miss work or adjust your time-table too much to meet with them. They are going to work with your schedule.

Keep in mind that your real estate agent is a person with a life, too. They are there to fit your schedule, but they have a life as well. Consider the time of day, and how important the question is before you reach out to them in the middle of the night.

Impeccable Communication

One of the most important things to consider when selecting an agent is communication. Many realtors do their business via their email and smartphone, so it shouldn’t take them long to get in touch with you. There should be no point during the buying or selling transaction that you don’t know what’s happening with the process, and no point where your agent isn’t keeping in touch with you and being honest.

When you’re selecting your agent, ensure that they know you want to get contacted every step of the way, and you want to receive reports. If you want to avoid phone calls and emails over every little thing, you can advise your realtor to provide you with a weekly report and save the phone calls for essential updates and negotiations.

The five tips listed above should give you some things to consider before just hiring the first real estate agent that you meet with. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, it’s a big move and one that deserves proper consideration and a professional agent. Ensure that you’re working with someone that you can be honest and upfront with, and someone who knows what you want. Your agent works for you, not the other way around. Make sure that they make you feel like your needs are the most important in the room, and your real estate trip should be a breeze.

What experiences do you have with real estate agents? Have you used one in the past? If so, how did you pick yours?


Quick Guide to Real Estate Agents and What to Look For

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