Reliable Payroll Software to Use for Your Small Business

Whether you believe it or not, using payroll software can make your life less stressful. Not only do most of the software enable you to do online hiring, but it lets you pay your staff through direct deposit. You can also find some software that automatically calculates federal and state taxes. While some payroll programs can get expensive, the investment is truly worth it.

Take a look at some of the recommended software that provides you with full-service plans.



Previously named ZenPayroll, the Gusto software provides an array of automatic payroll features. It includes an employee self-service tool that lets new hires log in and set up their profile to register for their direct deposit. Your staff members also get automatically reported to the government, plus have their pay stubs emailed to them.

The Gusto software works with pre-existing accounting programs such as QuickBooks, and local, state, and federal taxes get filed automatically. Another great benefit with Gusto is the free direct deposit.

The program works for businesses that have one to 100 staff members, and the cost is $39 each month, plus an additional $6 per employee. There is also a one-month trial for businesses who are looking for a payroll solution, but not wanting to commit.

Intuit Payroll

Larger businesses that need full-service payroll solutions find a lot of benefits with Intuit QuickBooks. When you invest in the program, you receive a full set-up, tax filing, support, and tax payments. It does integrate with QuickBooks, so if you’re using it already, it’s a good choice.

It is a more expensive software if you have a small business. However, it is one of the few software that becomes less expensive the more employees that you add on. There is a 30-day free trial and a six-month rate after that. The full package is $64 each month for the first six months and $99 after that. You are also going to pay an additional $2 a month for each staff member.


For businesses who have up to ten staff members, OnPay is a very affordable option. It includes features like automatic deductions and tax payments. Another benefit is that it is cloud-based. You can monitor your payroll from anywhere that has the internet.

The downside with OnPay is there is a fee to pay your staff through direct deposit. It’s an extra $8 each month, and it also charges nearly $4 for each W-2 forms that gets mailed at the end of the fiscal year.

You do receive a 30-day free trial before committing to the solution, and it charges $39.95 each month for small businesses of ten employees or less. If you need to add additional employees, there is an extra fee of $1 per month.

Patriot Software

Patriot Software is a great payroll solution for business of 100 employees or less. Their full-service plan includes a complimentary setup, phone support, the ability to pay via checks or direct deposit, automatic tax filing, and more.

The cost of Patriot Software’s full-service plan begins at $25 each month and $4 per worker up to five. The more staff members you have, the more Patriot Software discounts kick in. Like the others, it also extends a no-obligation 30-day trial inclusive of setup and technical support.


As an online payroll solution, SurePayroll works best for small businesses with under ten staff members. The program offers automatic payments of federal, state, and local taxes. The company states that payroll gets processed within five business days, and staff member enrollment takes about ten minutes to complete.

SurePayroll fees get based on how often you pay your staff. The base cost is $49.99 each month with an addition $5 per employee. Unlike other companies, SurePayroll doesn’t offer a free trial. However, the company states that they reimburse six months of payroll fees and give $100 if you aren’t happy with the solution.

The options above are a roundup of the best payroll software available for entrepreneurs. While each one provides solutions to your basic needs, some fit better for your small business than others. The price quotes that have been included are based off of full-service plans that do as much as possible for your payroll department.

Have you used any of these payroll software for your business? If so, leave a comment below on your experience.

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Reliable Payroll Software to Use for Your Small Business

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