Seven Personality Traits to Help You Get Noticed By Your Company’s CEO

If you love the company that you work for and have every intention of staying there for as long as you can, then moving up the corporate ladder is expected. Your resume might be strong enough to get you an interview, but these traits can get you noticed by the CEO and get you hired.


Putting it simply; working with an unhappy person is a drag. Having to deal with high school drama, gossiping, negativity, and melancholy attitudes are capable of bringing the vibe of the company down. Personal happiness does play a role when applying for a job. It also reflects your ability to tackle a challenge. Showing the CEO that you are positive and mentally healthy increases your chances of leaving a lasting impression. So, be approachable, smile, laugh, and relax. It’s worth it.


Regardless of if your job duties don’t require much creative thought process, CEOs and other leaders look for creative employees when hiring. Being innovative can go a long way in maximizing your potential as an employee. It gives you the ability to enter the position and possibly find new and better ways to perform the tasks you’re given.


As the saying goes, time is money. Most times it seems like CEOs want the job done, and they wanted it done two days ago. However, it’s not only about speed, but also the drive and skills you have to be efficient. Do you squeeze what hours you can out of a project or do you get it done quickly and correctly without sacrificing quality? Hustle when it comes to your duties and assigned tasks, and you are going to get recognized as a star employee quickly.


Dishonesty is a trait that can turn many people off, and CEOs are no exception to that. As an employee, you get trusted with client and company information that is confidential. As a CEO, it’s important to know that you’re trustworthy and that you’re going to perform and deliver on all of your promises. There’s no need to lie on your resume, in your interview, and especially after you’re hired. Your CEO needs dedication, honesty, and support.


If you get hired as a full-time employee, your CEO is going to want you to do what it takes to help the company, them, and sometimes other employees. You don’t have to worry about working ridiculous hours that put your health at risk, but you do need to be flexible in your position; especially if you are working directly with the CEO. You might have a desk job where helping out in the warehouse isn’t part of your duties, but there needs to be a certain amount of flexibility if you care about the company you work for and want it to succeed.


You might think that even once you’re hired, the CEO is too busy to notice their staff. However, that isn’t the case. CEOs want to know that their team enjoys the jobs that they have and there’s enough passion that they want to strive to improve professionally. It doesn’t matter if the position you have is your dream job, if you have love for the industry or the company you work for, that’s what matters. If the salary is the only thing making you passionate, it might be a good idea to look elsewhere.


Shying away from challenges and sinking into the background when working for a CEO is a no-no. You need to have the confidence that shows you have the determination and willpower to complete tasks that you’re assigned, and that nothing is going to stop you from succeeding. If you aren’t sure that you can succeed, your CEO is going to pick up on that, and things might quickly crumble.

Displaying these seven traits as you walk into your CEOs office is going to help make you stand out amongst other job candidates. Remember that you’re not only getting interviewed for a job, but it’s one that can drastically change your life. Make sure that you represent yourself the way that you want others to see you.


Seven Personality Traits to Help You Get Noticed By Your Company’s CEO

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