Seven TV Characters You Don’t Want as Work Colleagues

There is a never-ending list of bad qualities that some workers have, and it’s likely that you’ve had to work with one or two of them in the past. These people don’t seem to care about risking their job and seem to take pride in their utter incompetence. Sometimes, you can find the annoying traits in television. So, here are seven TV characters that you never want to work with.


George Castanza – Seinfeld

You might think that popular character George Castanza might make a good co-worker because, after all, he has worked as a travel secretary for the New York Yankees, scriptwriter for the sitcom Jerry, and a hand model; but it isn’t true.

George’s character is inclined to neurosis, and constant irrationality and lying mean most of the jobs end catastrophically. He once claimed that he got fired from Dairy Queen because he cooled his feet with soft serve. Yikes!

Samantha Jones – Sex and the City

While it appeared that Samantha Jones was a great worker, given her seemingly high status, her personality might derail her from being a good colleague. Samantha Jones has an evident passion for sexuality and working alongside her might be intimidating…it may even lead to workplace harassment. Kim Cattrall, the actress who played the world renown Samantha Jones, said that she believed Samantha might be tough to work with.

Homer Simpson – The Simpsons

As one of America’s most loveable protagonists and consistently-failing characters, Homer is known for being lazy and never understanding his job. He spends more time sleeping at work than actually working, scoffing down the donut supply, and leaving his power plant tasks to a dipping bird. Just like another character in the famed cartoon, Frank Grimes, Homer’s incompetence, general lack of self-awareness, and incompetency might make you want to scream.

Cersei Lannister – Game of Thrones

Most likely evil, ruthless, and scheming aren’t on the list of qualities that make for a co-worker easy to get along with, and Cersei Lannister holds these qualities as close as she does her children—you might even be afraid.

Adding the fear of conspiracy and paranoia to the list, you might be dealing with a terrifying colleague who employs narcissism above everything else. The Westeros-ruling character even won a poll as most likely to be killed off by fans. Winter is coming, so it’s best to leave her in the cold instead of your Monday meetings.

David Brent – The Office

As the poster boy for bad management, David Brent has no shame. He’s humiliating, awkward, completely out of touch, and employs the work staff engagement strategies that always fail. If you think that there’s an area David Brent won’t touch, or you think he’s going to bite his tongue to be decent—you are very wrong. David Brent is a walking, talking, politically incorrect disaster, and the entire office is aware. He might even win an award for the worst boss ever.

Jenna Maroney – 30 Rock

Jenna Maroney is that self-obsessed, vain, approval and praise seeking co-worker. She is frequently hysterical and makes it her prerogative to ensure that nothing gets in the way of her securing the spotlight. If you work with her, be prepared to get ignored, bossed around, threatened, lied to, and entrapped. Workers such as Jenna make sure that you won’t shine when working alongside her.

Ilana Wexler – Broad City

Broad City’s ultimate bossy lady and feminist icon is a perfect example of what it’s like to be a young New Yorker; but if you work beside her, that love is going to dwindle quickly. Ilana is known for sleeping at work, dressing inappropriately, detailing ablutions, and hiring eclectic interns. Her inability to take directions drives her boss to the breaking point and she is a total PR disaster.

When watching these beloved characters on screen, you might think that working with them is a good idea, but it’s better to love them from afar. If you like your job and want to keep it, we suggest that you don’t follow in their workplace footsteps and stay on the track that you’re on. Just because they seem successful and funny, doesn’t mean that you’re going to have that same experience.


Seven TV Characters You Don’t Want as Work Colleagues

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