Six Marketing Tips All Businesses Can Benefit From

Before your business even starts to market its product, it helps to create a persona for the buyer you want to reach with your marketing. As soon as you’ve isolated your ideal consumer, you’re going to have an onslaught of marketing techniques that you can choose from. The majority of the tips that are provided below are low or no cost methods; you can also refer to this marketing as guerilla marketing. You can utilize them at multiple stages of your business, or you can use them all at the start.


Here are six marketing tips that are going to help your business:


Distributing flyers is one of the least expensive, and classic, marketing methods that there is. All you need to do is research the area that you think is going to be interested in what your company is offering and distribute the flyers to stores and mailboxes in the area. Make sure that you keep your flyer engaging, but straightforward. It needs to highlight your products or services and contact information.


The majority of supermarkets, malls, and public spaces all offer free bulletin boards that enable you to post your advertisements and announcements. While it is a hit or miss marketing method, it doesn’t cost anything, and you can entice potential customers by offering a discount. It’s also a good idea to make each of the posters a different color, so that way you can monitor the area that most leads are coming from.

Value Additions

One of the most powerful selling points for services or products is value additions. On the surface, you can compare value additions to both coupons and appraisals as they are similar. However, in this case, they are aimed at building up your business’ customer satisfaction while putting space between your company and your competition.

Referral Networks

Referral networks are absolutely invaluable to any type of business. In addition to using a referral network to encourage consumer referrals with rewards or discounts, you can also use the strategy for business-to-business references. If you have ever had to tell a customer that your store doesn’t sell a particular product, but the store down the street does, it’s essential to ensure you are getting the same type of referrals from that store. Business-to-business is extremely popular in professional industries. As an example, a lawyer might refer to an accountant, that accountant then refers to a broker, the broker refers to a financial planner, and that planner then refers to a real estate agent.

Following Up

Advertising can help you get a client, but what you do after obtaining that client can be a more valuable marketing tool. Following up with your customers through email or questionnaires can be highly beneficial. Consider asking questions such as:

• Why did the client choose your company?
• Which other companies did they consider?
• Where did they hear about your company?
• What was the least satisfying?
• What was the most satisfying?

Cold Calling

In the age of technology, cold-calling might seem like a thing of the past, but it’s like a baptism for a small business. Regardless of if your company is using the door-to-door or phone method, you are forced to sell both the company as well as yourself. If you can’t sell yourself properly to the person you are talking to, then it’s unlikely that they are going to buy from you. Cold calling helps you to think on your toes, and it encourages you to adapt and get creative when dealing with potential clients.

Many affordable marketing methods are available to you. There isn’t a need to spend thousands of dollars on your marketing when using classic methods work just as well. It’s crucial that you take the time to figure out the method that works best for your business because not all are going to be successful. When you are using marketing tactics make sure that you are confident and creative, you need to believe in yourself first, or no one else is going to.


Six Marketing Tips All Businesses Can Benefit From

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